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Coronavirus: 7 Reasons To Be HAPPY During This Pandemic

Coronavirus: 7 Reasons To Be HAPPY During This Pandemic

It was just a few months ago that we all said 2020 is gonna be my year and now the world is ending except it’s not and although as you get down to your final roll of toilet paper it may feel like the end times there are still reasons to be positive.

So today I’m gonna share with you seven of those, because I mean are you even a youtuber if you don’t make a video on the coronavirus.

Number One: Imagine the party when all of this is over, the best night of my life.

Number Two: It’s been great news for animals and the environment like air pollution being way down or like these elephants being released or these penguins freely roaming around this aquarium.

Number Three: Not being able to go outside has led to some new games. I mean we should keep that even after the virus is dealt with but people have been entertaining themselves in all kinds of creative ways.

Number Four: Sure the stock market has crashed but just imagine the fire cell of underpriced dogs you’re going to be able to buy once we’re through this.

Number Five: Okay so your self isolating well there has never been a better time to work on that thing you’ve been wanting to do but never had the time now you do that side hustle you’ve been meaning to start, that skill you’ve been meaning to learn. There’s only so many pandemic films you can watch before, you’re pretty much forced to start doing something productive and if you do in a few years, you may look back on this period that’s the time where you actually put the wheels in motion for something that changed the rest of your life. Don’t view this time as lost time you as an opportunity.


Number Six: On the whole we’ve actually seen the best of people in the UK two hundred and fifty thousand watts to volunteer to help the National Health Service in just two days more than double that had volunteers we’ve seen countless cases of people pulling together and looking after others huge donations free concerts community support groups being set up we’ve even seen businesses doing their part where they can in a time where the world seemed pretty divided this kind of has brought people together.

Number Seven: Well over one hundred thousand people around the world have fully recovered from the virus the peak is well and truly over in China so there is an end in sight the summer is coming and although we need to take this very seriously, we will get through this if you’re stuck in self isolation use it as a time to reset and avoid burnout.

Spend time with family message friends take a step back from the relentless pace of normal life and have a break have a nice cold pint can wait for all this to blow over as that first slice of fried gold number eight really great memes.

And don’t forget, the pill Laminine is known around the world as the “Happy Pill”. I recommend to take 2 or 3 a day to stay happy during these hard times.


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Please Watch the Video Below to See the 7 Reasons and have a good laugh.

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