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Better Vision and See Clearly with LAMININE & IMMUNE+++

The 3 Best Ways to Maintain Healthy Eyesight as You Age

Are you able to watch this video without your glasses? Do you feel like you are squinting more just to read your phone or books or even see another person talking to you?

Every year, your eyes start to get worse and worse and may even suffer Sudden Vision Loss.Restricting your eyesight and limiting your ability to enjoy the things you used to do.And if you’re over 40, you may already be experiencing this, it’s just a natural part of aging.And by the time you reach age 70, you have a 64% chance of needing cataract surgery.Even worse, our aging eyesight can turn into retinal and macular degeneration.Let’s face it, the odds are not in your favor!

So, what can you do to prevent vision loss?

Well, the obvious answers would be wearing corrective eyeglasses or getting expensive eye surgery.But even those options aren’t 100% guaranteed!

It may seem inevitable that your eyesight will slowly fade as you age, but there is a solution to maintaining healthy eyesight.The clearly better answer is the Immune Defense Pack by LifePharm.

Laminine & Immune Plus: Two Powerful Antioxidants

With over a decade of experience, LifePharm offers two naturally powerful antioxidants to give you combined benefits that may actually help prevent vision loss.Introducing LAMININE and IMMUNE+++ By using LAMININE and IMMUNE+++ together, we can start to stimulate retinal cell regeneration and allow the body to repair itself.LAMININE contains a Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF-2) that ramps up stem cell activity in your retinas.

This FGF-2 protects your eyes from stress and prevents your photoreceptor cells from dying off as quickly.Plus, it can stimulate your body to repair the injured nerves in your body too.While LAMININE can support healthy sight, it’s only when we pair it with IMMUNE+++ that we see an acceleration of improvement.IMMUNE+++ is packed with Life-C Blend, our unique vitamin C formula with added lipid metabolites to improve bio availability and keep vitamin C in your body for much longer than other brands.


Two Supplements That Support Healthy Eyes

In addition, we include our Herb and Botanical blend that contains natural antioxidants and bioflavonoids that help your body absorb vitamin C more efficiently.And studies have shown that vitamin C can significantly reduce the formation of cataracts later in life.Our IMMUNE+++ supplement is formulated with our proprietary Opti-Shield blend, giving you optimum benefits for healthier eyes.The blend also contains three different types of mushrooms that have been known to support retinal health.

Even our CEO, Wicky Suyanto, found that by taking these two supplements, he could go from needing his glasses to see up close 40% of the time to only needing them about 4% of the time! This has changed his life and it can benefit yours too!

By combining LAMININE and IMMUNE+++ you can reduce your risk for vision loss, support healthier eyes, protect your eyes from damage, and enjoy a life of clarity and improved vision!

Looking to take care of your eyesight?

Take a proactive approach to taking care of your eyesight with these two unique LifePharm products today! Just Click in the ORDER HERE button above to start getting clear eyesite now!

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