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Why Does the Human Body Need LAMININE?

The human body is a complex mechanism operated with millions of interdependent messages and functions happening at any given time. Efforts to understand these functions are constantly producing new and exciting information to help us “fight” the consequences of aging. At the very least, most people desire a healthy life, regardless of the length.

It is no secret that important hormones for essential bodily and mental functions are secreted and regulated from major organs due to the signals originating within our brain. In a perfect world of exact diets and nutrition, the brain would get the stimuli from foods, our environment and other sensory inputs, and order the appropriate organs to secrete and regulate the hormones, enzymes, and other chemicals required for bodily and mental functions. Unfortunately, this is far from the scenario in the real world. Our modern life puts immense amounts of stress on our brains and bodies and we certainly recognize the effects. The imbalances created by these factors manifest themselves in the form of depression, fatigue, memory loss, etc.

Compounding the effects from stress and physical activity, is our increasing consumption of harmful chemicals either by simply breathing the air around us, or by succumbing to the convenience of preserved foods, mass-produced meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. The impacts of the dietary changes from our choices are not completely understood, but more and more is being discovered every day. Examples can include use of flavor enhancers and artificial sweeteners, which upset the balance of the amino acids responsible for exciting neurons in our brain. While commercially successful, these products have a profound effect on the long term functioning of the brain and produce negative effects on our bodies.


How do we counter the constant attacks on our bodies, especially from our diets, environment, and stress? Much has been written about what type of foods to eat, enough to make one paranoid about eating anything at all. Manufacturers are constantly changing names of ingredients, which become infamous. All these ingredients pass the scrutiny of an average person having all the intent of eating healthy. It seems the best defense to these attacks is first, to do your best at eating healthy, and then supplement your diet with something that actually helps regulate the body functions by working in a coherent manner with the brain.


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The phenomenal health benefits of LAMININE, and almost miraculous formulation of amino acids, oligopeptides and growth factors gives you explanations and definitions that follow will give you a better understanding of LAMININE and a logical path to actually living a healthier life, even if you are currently extremely conscious about your diet.

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