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What Are Easy Ways to Relieve Stress?

What are some of the ways to easy ways to relieve stress? First we need to understand stress. Stress is unique and personal and hence its definition differs according to the person and their surroundings.  However, in simple terms, stress is the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response to a particular situation.

To reduce stress, you have to calm yourself down.  Surely you’ve heard that if you feel stressed you should stop what you’re doing and count to ten. In order to manage and reduce stress and relieve stress quickly, first we have to understand exactly what stress is The word stress is derived from the Latin word  stringer , which means ‘to draw tight’.

Reduce stress to feel better, let go of anxiety and think more clearly and you can relieve stress quickly.  Stress reduction techniques may include deep breathing exercises, working out or pursuing  a hobby.  A great way to reduce stress throughout your day is to  make a schedule  of your daily activities.  It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, but take some time the day before to plan out what you have ahead tomorrow.  Planning helps reduce stress.  One way to manage your time is to set priorities.  By slowing your breathing, you are helping yourself to reduce stress.  If you breathe like this several times, you will actually feel less stressed until you don’t feel stressed at all.


It sounds common place, but there is a lot of truth to this technique for easy ways to relieve stress.  Part of the reason why this technique works is that, by stopping and counting, you are actually slowing your breathing down.  That is the key to reducing stress.  By slowing your breathing down, you are calming yourself down.  Soon, after a few moments, your stress will just melt away.  To reduce stress, we must learn how to forgive ourselves and others.  We should ignore what they do wrong and recognize  what they do well.


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The last technique to reduce stress and anxiety is with meditation.  For many westerners this word conjures images of expressionless people huddled in a dark room sitting motionless for hours at a time; the experience of which can only be described as “boring.

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