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COVID-19 Infections Surging Across The US

The pandemic and troubling new numbers as this new coronavirus, sub-variant like Covid Ba 4 Ba 5 sweeps across the country in fact tonight here take a look at the map. 85 percent of americans are now living in areas where authorities are concerned about these numbers, where transmission rates are now medium or high areas in yellow there medium. Those in red are particularly concerned over high rates of transmission. Tonight hear what dr zha is now saying about the current booster that’s available and how much it could help if you get this new strain of the virus.

The number of coveted positive americans in the hospital is once again climbing to its highest level since early march, but in l.a county doctors at providence, cedar sinai, say, unlike past surges they’re seeing fewer patients in respiratory failure we’re seeing a lot more patients that have chronic Illness and the elderly population seeing much less of people in their 30s, 40s and 50s still experts say the numbers are steadily climbing. It sort of feels like the public is deaf uh to the reality of this news. This ba 5 variant is hyper, contagious and right behind it. New variants are coming, 85 percent of americans are now living in an elevated, coveted risk area.

More than half the population. Now, in those orange high risk counties where the cdc says you should be masking indoors in those yellow medium risk areas, they say consider masking, based on your individual risk, masking, where appropriate, vaccinating people who aren’t vaccinating and boosting people who are ready and eligible for their Boost we can do that, but we’re not doing it to the extent that we should be doing it and more than half of eligible americans still haven’t gotten their first booster. But a new cdc analysis shows protection against initial omicron variants. Increased with each booster shot suggesting the current vaccine may still protect against serious illness from ba-5. Very, very clear in my mind that your risk of ending up in the icu is dramatically higher.


If you have not gotten a booster, if you’ve not gotten that third shot and david dr zha and the doctors here with a simple message to anyone over 50 If you have not had a covet shot in 2022, get one and get it now. Dr jah saying it could save your life. It might not prevent you from contracting ba-5, but it drastically reduces the chances of being hospitalized and of dying david yeah they’re, saying not to wait until the booster, that’s more directly associated with the sub-variant. This fall go ahead and get the boosters now or matt. That’S an important point.


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