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Laminine Testimonial: Back Pain, Sleep Problems, Digestive, Unbalanced, Liver …

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Oh well what I have had a lot of issues in terms of my whole body was backed up besides having digestive problems and sinus problems I had a pinched nerve.

I had back pain I had swelling feet because I’m a cosmetologist so it was like everything just started went wrong at the same time.

I’ve been to various doctors I’ve been to my doctor’s up in to my friends doctors hope you were taken pills.

I told him I said listen I need to get something that works I need at least one thing not this multitude of tablets I’m drinking a lot of water and nothing is happening.

I’m still in a mess you need to help me you need to give me one thing that works and the following week a friend came in from UM his job he works on a cruise ship so he came in and he told me he said I found out about something and is working I tried it. I only tried it two days and it’s working.


So I went to the meeting heard about it on the Tuesday I went on this I got it about this Saturday this Sunday I went to the meeting and a Tuesday I signed up for power pack.

While waiting on it to be delivered I started using his own and from the first day I had the most awesome experience once I started sleeping.

I used to sleep four hours a day because I have to study in for some years it just broke so I started sleeping longer every time.

I wake in the morning I would be in the toilet that is something that was harder you say he bananas I’m lactose intolerant I used to drink a whole carton of milk trying to get my system clear nothing was working.

One week I was burning on my chest was gone the pinched nerve minimized my back pain was gone and I used to have migraines because I swear I had I had my nasal dripping into my throat that was infected and I couldn’t breathe.


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Now, everything has changed I’m singing I’m wearing heels I couldn’t wear before I am in good health and I’m telling everyone that Laminine works, period.

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Updated: February 17, 2019 — 5:40 pm

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