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Son Got His Seriously Ill Mom Back!

We now take a close look at a supplement call Laminine on the question what is the effective ingredient in Laminine on and the answer is that Laminine on is essentially a whole food it is an extract from a 9-day fertilized avian egg or hen’s egg the the hand has been raised pretty much in organic standard so it’s a good high-quality egg they extract on the ninth day from this fertilized egg the white of the egg the white of the egg contains important elements including fibroblast growth factor as well as a range of twenty very important amino acids the essential life function to support the chick that’s going to be developing in that egg.

So the egg is harvested on the ninth day these factors are at their greatest concentration the product is freeze dried or lyophilized meaning it’s put into a powdered form without the application of eat and because of that these fragile proteins are not damaged or denatured, but if you can go in and help those individual cells the neurons of the brain to heal and recover then you’ve accomplished something much more important and I think we’re seeing clinically evidence of this happening.

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Many nutritional supplements are associated with beneficial effects and the folks that take them and the list with Laminine was so extensive that I first dismissed it some of the longer-term benefits I found with Laminine is increased energy and stamina and of course it has been proven clinically to actually increase strength.

Actor Kevin Sorbo visits with the American health Journal he shares his story of recovery Kevin suffered an aneurysm and a series of three strokes and spent the next four months in rehabilitation he basically went from a guy that was 38 years old probably better safe than most guys in their 20s to a nine year old man within seconds so you know what the doctors could save my life but at the same time the prognosis they gave me was after eight nine months this is 300 different neurologists saying wherever you are that’s it and it wasn’t until this year here we are what 15 or 14 15 years later where I was introduced to Laminine.

I’m it’s interesting I call it a drug a kind of drug it’s like it’s like a vitamin as like a pill it’s like a it’s like a supplement and I have I have found it to be rather amazing in terms of just lowering down the mood swings or feeling more alert to feel more alive to feel like it’s a positive things going on when when Hollywood such a negative business I have certainly found my attention level spiking in my retention levels by him as an actor I’ve got to memorize a lot of lines laminine is something that certainly to me has just put an extra spark in my life.


You know maybe you have problems with your joints and maybe this will be something that helps you with joint pain maybe your problems with memory in this well view of memory I mean to me. It’s just it just seemed to and I sleep better as well I just wanted to be just an excellent reinforcement to my my daily life.

Your doctor said that she added you know 14 centimeter tumor in her back because there’s the reason why I got Laminine was for my mother. Not for me, not for money not for anything else but then three weeks later my mom was my mom again and she she told me I call if I don’t have any more back pain and she went to the doctor and she she came back and she said there’s the tumors they can barely see it.

His name was John Ralston Davidson a respected family doctor in Winnipeg in the early 1900’s a journalist who documented dr. Davidson’s controversial treatment for cancer he’s ever claimed that it cured that but he said it was arrested Davidson spent years studying cancer writing medical articles on his theories which in hindsight were remarkable for his time the doctor described cancer as a dietary deficiency. So he added generous amounts of vitamins to the patient’s diet but he also said it was critical to boost the patient’s own defenses against cancer which is why he developed what he called young tissue extract Davidson two fertilized hens eggs just 9 days old and produced a powdered extract which was then injected into patients with various forms of terminal cancer like this boy diagnosed with lymphatic cancer notes show that with surgery vitamins and the extract he returned to normal health over the years.

Dr. Davidson treated hundreds of cancer patients they all said the ones I interviewed all said that it had benefited them tremendously some said they were cured Ruth Burke’s father was one of Davidson’s more famous patients. Harry leader the Member of Parliament for Portage la Prairie had been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer by the Mayo Clinic in the US but under Davidson’s treatment he improved it was controversial scientifically but that really didn’t affect that he believed in it but Davidson’s medical colleagues thought the treatment was useless and repeatedly refused him research money.


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It just though they’d been instructed by somebody well just tearing up you know just tearing up and they did frustrated with the lack of support Harry leader with his own good health is proof took Davidson’s pleas for funding straight to Ottawa in 1944 directly to Prime Minister Mackenzie King he never wanted any publicity from this he simply wanted help for this man whom they felt could help humanity the Prime Minister refused to fund Davidson’s work. The doctor died four years later he would die a pretty well of a broken heart, because had not been recognized his cancer treatment thought to have died with him.

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