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70 million Americans Alone Suffer From Digestive Problems & Need Digestive+++

DIGESTIVE+++ on American Health Journal

Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from #DigestiveProblems which can lead to various ailments in the body getting back into balance involves eating healthy but sometimes that’s not enough there are two important issues having enough digestive enzymes to break down food and having the optimal balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.

Taking digestive supplements can be a key component to not only having better digestion but just feeling better good bacteria our bacteria that helps our digestive system work well and bad bacteria can cause real harm to our bodies to our digestive system like bloating like constipation like #Diarrhea and #AbdominalPain and it will decrease your immune system.

If we have a blocked sewer system if we have a defective sewer system can you imagine what it can do to your home that’s the same thing that can happen to your body you won’t be able to eliminate well you speak with waste from your body so you’re going to get sick typically. Many people ought to have about 80% good bacteria and about 20% bad bacteria that’s about a good ratio to having our GI system. Many people nowadays have that inverted they have 20% good bacteria and 80% bad bacteria so what can get us to that that eating habits medications and toxic from the environment.

So we need to take probiotics in a supplement form because in the processed foods that we take right now. It’s not there we have seen as proof that it’s not working so we need to take it from a supplement form every single day.

Eating a healthy diet does not change the fact that over the years you’re going to lose enzyme production that’s a natural fact so that between the ages of 20 and 60 you can every year you’re losing 10% by the time you’re 60 you have half the end enzymes so in order for you to be able to absorb the nutrients to absorb the carbohydrates fats and proteins. You must have more enzymes we can eat a great deal of fruits and vegetables many or fruits and vegetables or organic it and we buy them at great price but they will not benefit us unless we can break these foods down into their nutrients.

So the enzymes are very important and as we age we lose the ability to utilize these wonderful food sources that’s why enzymes are very important. We need to take enzymes as a supplement in order to reap the benefits of these wonderful foods. Our digestive system is very complex so foods are very good and they do a great deal of work, but inside the digestive system or bacteria we have good bacteria which are our friends they produce lots of vitamins and help us digest foods, especially fatty vitamins and vitamins that require special help to be digestive.


We also have enemies there these are pathogenic bacteria and the good bacteria wage a war of always continuing war against the bad bacteria. What you have to have is a balance between the good bacteria which is your bifida syour acidophilus and the yeast that’s within the system and because of the hormones that are in the foods because of the additives or in food upsets that balance so digestive enzymes along with your bifida stand acidophilus. If it’s so helpful probiotics are really good for the bacterial balance in the large intestine but yogurt and 85% of the probiotics that are on the market are never going to make it to the acidic environment of your stomach, so you have to have something else that’s going to prevent that denaturing you first have to understand the digestive tract.

There are three parts to the digestive tract the first part gets off in the stomach that is exactly where the first ingredient. The prebiotic works and allows the probiotic to continue past that point the second part is the pancreas and the small intestine. Now the pancreas shoots out all of the enzymes then the third part of the digestive tract is the large intestine where it is that we want. The probiotics to get to and balance the bacteria there and because of the type of probiotic that we have which is actually called spore forming it’s tough enough to make it through the entire system. The prebiotic feeds it and it makes it then to the large intestine and gives you a nice balance of bacteria.

Every very single product that I see on the market right now has only put probiotics but this one has prebiotics has probiotics and has all the digestive enzymes it’s going to help you take all your food and get the good all the nutrients out of what you eat!

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