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Is There Any Relationship Between Coronavirus Stress and Coughing?

Innovations in Medicine: Stress and high blood sugarWhen the family of someone with a disease like COVID-19 learns that their loved one has contracted a virus called coronavirus, they should be aware of some important facts about this virus.

This is not the same thing as HIV or AIDS, but it does carry the risk for other diseases and complications that can occur. People who have contracted this virus do not experience all of the symptoms. If they are not careful, they may develop serious complications that could lead to death.

Some of the more common symptoms of this virus include:

Acute fevers – There can be very high temperatures in this illness and they can become very severe. These can range anywhere from normal to very high, so this is a concern for anyone who is exposed to this virus.

Vomiting – This is another symptom that can become very severe. This is because the virus is able to enter the blood stream through the nose and mouth and it travels to the rest of the body where it affects internal organs.

Jaundice – This condition can occur if the body is not filtering out the toxins properly. This can result in a yellowish tint to the skin. This will make someone feel very run down.


Severe Fatigue – This is a result of the infection that is affecting the immune system and making it function incorrectly. The brain will not be able to focus on the proper activities that it needs to do. This is a result of a person’s immune system being compromised and will affect every part of their life.. This is a very serious case and there can be complications that may arise. If you are exposed to this virus, you should always contact your doctor or other healthcare professional.

There are different ways that you can protect yourself against getting this virus and being exposed. The most important thing to do is to avoid contact with anyone who has been exposed. You also need to stay out of the air ducts that people have to breath through.

They also need to watch for those that are coughing or having trouble breathing and vomiting. because this is when the virus might be spreading. affecting them. You can also take steps to prevent the spread by washing your hands thoroughly after being around any people that you do not know that have been exposed to this virus. This is important for the fact that the virus is not in your system. You need to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

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