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Ошеломительный результат с продуктом EXTRIM SHAPE(If You Speak Russian Watch the Video Below) Last summer, already here the level of physical activity that I did even shocked me. I understood that I came up to run for 65 years and stitched taken that if, for 50 years I was generally athletic only for 65 years, slowly gradually increasing the load. I give for nothing, I do exercises and so on. How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise. For at this moment, I would like to stop and tell you that, despite all these physical activities, once again, my without going back and forth there and then up to 1 photo is thin, because I look at some period of time again something I dont look like. I would like, and when last summer the iphone called and said that Irina we would have a new extreme Best Way To Lose Weight product.

My joy knew no bounds. I understood that something was not needed from something my body was missing in order to Why Cant I Lose Weight. This product appeared know what to do. The emphasis is my observation, I’m not a doctor. I can’t make any statement that I noticed why these swings happen in my life, because I love sweets very much but sweets. I understand that this is my enemy and needed to To Lose Weight Faster.

Sweet is not good. Taking sweets is very useful for me, but what to do if I love sweets with extreme intake, I stopped eating sweets, and this is probably this key to what began to happen to my body is very important. A product that helps to block fat helps to block carbohydrates, helps to effectively burn fat effectively, not just burn off, but very effectively helps to suppress appetite, helps to cleanse and detoxify the colon and remember we are not a refrigerator. We need to take it all out and refuse to extreme. It happens perfectly better than ever.

Take it each before lunch. You are about 12 hours and usually what is it that is interesting for you to eat and then half an hour before meals I take extreme in the evening. Usually I have dinner at 5 o’clock and after giving 6. The second tablet I take half an hour before dinner. If, for example, I forgot to take me – I take it already during meals, which is not very good company due to for an hour.

Why? Because, where there is such a substance, it begins to swell in the stomach and then we already eat less and last Saturday I went to my birthday and when I saw this table – and these were Filipinos, I dont want to find exotic cuisine that I dont eat. Every day, of course, saliva flowed and I took a pill in the car washed it down with water, and I calmly reacted to this idea, especially to those pies. Then I will show you photos of what kind of claire there were and they were huge, although I ate them and the next day for the table on the scales as it was a light fluff. It remained very important for those women who want to stabilize their weight and start taking this product at the beginning of the year.

I think that now it would be very cool for you to get a photo from old albums from the photo where you look gorgeous young. Look no matter what shape it doesnt matter, the shape in which you are comfortable and which you like to stick yourself on the walls a year began to move. It is very important to start drinking into the water e. Then it is very, very important for the intestines for metabolism to add, of course, extreme lice, then send me photos and say, or I did it, and I know that you will succeed and look at the tummy 6 women cut off your head – neptune, david, that at 65 years old, this photo, I honestly dont believe it for my head appeared so that you can see that its really me, I wore this suit. 1, 60th birthday, not 60 years old, just my birthday last summer, the effect of taking extreme with the lifestyle that I beat look what effect it gave absolutely and not with the naked eye.

You can see how it all changed, and now I want you to pay attention to the last photo. Look on the left side. I am in Las Vegas in May last year celebrated the 30th anniversary of the pony life, a wonderful life in america and on the right. Two photos were taken last saturday of the same dress and look at my figure and my tummy. This is what extreme did at the way of life that I beat before him before him.

I was healthy, everything was cool and if all the only cherries had lost weight and which had converged, they were removed and disappeared. Literally yesterday I was walking in the park. I thanked the Lord. I say thank you for my health, for my figure for everything that you gave me and gave me the mind to beat yourself to love yourself, because many people do nt even love themselves. They dont give a damn about their health.

How they look. I would like to turn to women who are 40 years old, because after 40, just these metamorphoses begin to squirt like this since thats all that then leads to those grandmothers that we see. I dont know how old you are today, but thank God for 50 years. I asked myself this question when I felt heaviness in the body when I saw that I was nt very happy for myself. I found the strength you know when her desire.


The lord sends you opportunities and laminin come my life, come digest my life and extreme and see my photos here. I am 64 years old. It was last year in this photo below 65 years old, and if I was once embarrassed to show my body today, I show it to pass not in order to tease someone God forbid. But in order for you to believe that nothing is impossible for us, especially for women, because what we want we can get with, of course, the action and if you want the war recently, I looked like a cannon to you, and this is how I look now. I will even help today I am even slimmer than in these photos on the right side.

Now I will turn on a very short video. I say in English, but now Ill translate it. I want you to watch it more. I decided to eat right exercise and live in a new way. If I did it – and you will do it in December that five years ago I say five years ago, I stood in this yard and said about the fact that I am starting a new way of life.

And if I succeeded, it will work for you and look friends, five years difference and what is the result again? Why? Because at the age of 60 in January, I said to myself at the beginning of the year, all down with this belly fat. I take care of myself purposefully and one day I will be able to enjoy all the work done. We dont do it for someone.

We do it for ourselves for our loved ones, heres, how you go on living, how you go on feeling what you do next decide for yourself as they say, decide for yourself, and I am here – I will always be open for you, so that we are going To advise you, if you want, we can hold a marathon of harmony for three hours every week you will tell about and wine I this week I walked in the park for half an hour or com 15 minutes did walking on the spot. By the way I have such video materials that I can send you 15 minutes turn on the video you go. You dont need anything. You need a gym. You dont need a playground Im in my house where I always do exercises and I can clean my house for fifteen minutes to pay attention to my health.

You understand me friends, and this is how az those photos of the guys that I wanted to show you. I typed in google photos of women 65 years old and, as you can see, you can look different see. This woman is also 65 and this is 65 years old. Our attitude to our resources will help you how to mobilize your forces and say at worst. I take it for myself again walking necessarily water drinking water, necessarily an avalanche.

Necessarily. We have a couple house package if you have a desire to eat. If yours, please order by the way, if you dont have weight, we have the opportunity of recommending to people. Our already stories that I have collected over the years to make money com does not pay us when and people order products. Do you think how could I afford to order a huge amount of products for 10 years and myself and mom and dad I have a business helping other people, you help yourself great shape, helping other people.


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You you help yourself at you, helped the camp who passed the information to Inge. I passed the information to other people who rye along the chain along the chain brought information coal and didnt spend falling. Until today I told my friends to them, and so on and so on, that is by helping other people get these products. We get the money that gives us the opportunity to order the product for ourselves.

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Please Watch the Video Below to See the Irene’s Weight Lose Journey (Russian Only).

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