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Testimonial On A Boy With ADHD And Aspergers Diseases

Laminine - Testimonial on ADHD and Aspergers

It was about three years ago my mother died and I was on antidepressants for about a year and a half spiraling downhill and it’s not something I wanted to stay on forever. My insurance was going up and I didn’t want to just remain on that forever.

I wanted something out to take its place and somebody had suggested try #Laminine that I might be able to get the same results through that. I discovered the changes almost immediately and I was actually able to wean myself off of the antidepressants and use #Laminine instead and I think I feel a lot better.

I feel a lot healthier I don’t get headaches there was a lot of side effects from the antidepressants that lamb and I didn’t have so you discovered a change almost instantly I ‘d say within about a day or two I discovered a change yes how you feel oh now I feel fantastic I’ve got a lot of energy. I was taking naps in the middle of the day I just didn’t seem to have the energy to you know get housework done and I have a lot more energy more clarity more focus I’m more even-keeled on my moods. I’m certainly not feeling as blue as I was before I feel like I can handle life now and I don’t have to depend on a drug to do it.


I hear #Laminine either has also helped with other members of your family yes my child who was diagnosed with Asperger’s and #ADHD about three years ago he was on medication recommended by his doctor that had side effects that were almost as bad as the site as the reaction to ADHD and Asperger’s we had to eventually take him off the medication. The mood swings were so high we just couldn’t deal with it and because a buddy of mine was trying it with their children. I thought well if it works for them and it increases our focus and moods maybe it will work with a child with Asperger’s and ADHD so I gave him just one dosage a day and that had an immediate effect. He was focused in school he his mood swings we’re even you didn’t have any more mood swings. These the moods were more even worse because it used to be he ‘d have tantrums like two to three times a day the same thing. You deal with like a two or three year old we’re talking about an eight or nine year old so the mood swings went away more even killed focused on a school a different person all together and with Asperger’s children typically don’t speak with strangers very often and people that know him now know that he is actually looking them in the eye he’s speaking with them his whole personality has changed I teach an acting class and he wanted to be a part of it and he’s speaking with people and just it’s brought a new person out inside of him.

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