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Why You Should Know More About Arthritis And Telomeres

LifePharm Arthritis and Telomeres

The term “telomere” can be misleading because this is not the end of your telomere. Telomeres are simply sections of the chromosome (genetic material) that remain active, even though they have become too short. These segments of DNA are responsible for ensuring that your body will continue to reproduce itself and keep you healthy.

Once some time has passed and the number of cells reproduce rapidly, this process causes telomere damage. This happens in a number of ways, including as a result of the body’s immune system attacking the chromosomes, or in other cases, just being part of life. The result is that, as the cells grow older, the telomere is shortened.

Aging itself does not cause telomere damage, but it does increase its risk of occurring. A person who is in good health has a natural telomere protector called telomerase, which protects against telomere deterioration. However, this protection wears off as one gets older.

The damage caused by aging in one’s body can lead to several diseases such as arthritis and cancer. Telomere damage also causes changes to the body’s ability to fight disease and it may even contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. So if you have been diagnosed with one of these conditions, then you probably already know that there is a connection between telomere damage and arthritis.

The reason why telomere damage and arthritis go hand-in-hand is that arthritis can start as a result of telomere damage. It may actually be the direct result of it. When inflammation occurs around the joints due to arthritis, it may not always be immediately noticeable. However, if the inflammation is chronic, then it may be noticeable as pain, tenderness, swelling, redness, and loss of motion, just to name a few symptoms.

Arthritis can cause the body to produce more inflammatory hormones and make it more difficult for it to combat the damage caused to its own DNA. If left untreated, this will continue to cause damage over time, causing the aging process to accelerate, which could eventually lead to arthritis.


If you want to take the first step to preventing or stopping arthritis, then it’s a good idea to use a natural enzyme telomerase supplement. These products are safe to take without causing any side effects and they are extremely effective at fighting the signs of arthritis and telomere damage.

By encouraging the body to produce more new cells, these supplements help your body to repair the ones that are damaged. By slowing down the natural rate of telomere degradation, it helps the body to prevent further damage from happening.

So as you can see, the cause of arthritis and telomere damage is a direct result of telomere destruction. degradation. Laminine has the power to prevent this damage.

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