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You Can Have More Control Over Your Body Than You Think! (English)

LifePharm - You can have more control over your body than you think! (english)Inflammation is the body’s own reaction to fight off infection or to repair damaged tissue this is the body’s immune response at work.

When inflammation occurs in the right amount it does a body good unfortunately sometimes the immune response does not turn off after the infection or damaged tissue is gone giving rise to chronic inflammatory conditions which are harmful to the body several conditions are associated with chronic inflammation including mild depression joint discomfort and bowel discomfort.

If an area of the body is weak or unhealthy the immune system may keep trying to resolve the condition resulting in over stimulation of the immune response chronic inflammation is particularly debilitating because it takes a toll mentally as well as physically there is often a feeling of hopelessness at the unending nature of the inflammation.

Although challenging chronic conditions can be managed by paying attention to what you eat and taking dietary supplements here’s how one eat lots of fruits and vegetables colorful fruits and vegetables contain the largest amount of antioxidants they add fiber and have natural anti-inflammatory.

Compounds to drink herbal teas and cook with herbs use turmeric oregano garlic green tea blueberries and ginger 3 take immune 3 plus because it contains bioflavonoids and polyphenols that limit free radical production in the body 4 eat wild or organically grown sea foods such as Pacific or Alaskan salmon sardines anchovies and shellfish they tend to contain less mercury PCBs and other toxins 5 and essential fatty acids to your diet omega-3 fatty acids are lacking in the modern diet so it’s recommended you take an omega-3 supplement daily fish oil omega-3 supplements are proving to be more helpful because they are in sync with what our bodies need this is one of the simplest safest and most effective ways you can help your body reduce and resolve.


Chronic inflammation the small anchovies used in omega 3 plus are from christine waters of south america and do not contain heavy metals omega 3 + contains high quality omega-3s omega-6s and Omega times 6 include a small handful of nuts and seeds in your diet daily especially walnuts and freshly ground flaxseed they’re good sources of omega-3s and alpha linoleic acid 7 use grapeseed oil for cooking purposes and olive oil for dressings they’re high in oleic acid and Omega 9 with anti-inflammatory polyphenols 8 eliminate hydrogenated oil and other additives from your diet as they turn the body’s inflammatory dial up by 9 avoid sugars refined carbohydrates and gluten containing foods that we crave when our systems are out of balance read ingredient listings on packages to avoid additives and preservatives 10 take digestive 3 plus daily as it may support the restoration of an inflamed bowel to a more normal condition.

17 clinical studies evaluated 1,700 patients with irritable bowel syndrome their symptoms included mild abdominal pain and discomfort abdominal distension and discomfort with elimination researchers concluded that probiotics benefited those with IBS with statistically significant outcomes digestive 3 plus is highly recommended as it contains probiotics prebiotics to fuel them and a special enzyme blend to help the body digest and absorb nutrients.


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