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Shared with permission from John Altshuler

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  • STEVEN has a condition that shows up as eyelid spasms… meaning his eyelids clamp shut & he can’t see. He has been declared functionally blind. He has tried every holistic approach he’s come across to address the issue… from chiropractic to extended juice fasting to water therapies and more. He’s enjoyed many wonderful benefits from using Laminine over the months of use; most exciting, recently, is that he’s rarely having eyelid spasms now. He can even ride his bike around the neighborhood in the evening without danger of crashing into anything. Used to be that this would happen once every 6 months or so. Now it’s happening once every two weeks. He is thrilled to be having the end result he was hoping for in trying Laminine and is so very happy.
  • CATRINA shares that Laminine continues to amaze her even 18 months into use. She started out from a depleted place of experiencing depression, exhaustion, sleeplessness and other indicators of adrenal stress. Within literally 10 days all those issues had vanished and she was again experiencing energy, joy, mental clarity and enthusiasm for life. Recently she had a tooth infection, was taking antibiotics and feeling tired and foggy. She reports that taking Laminine sublingually and swishing it around in her mouth to bathe the area in question, significantly reduced discomfort from swelling and inflammation, eliminating the need to use ibuprofen. She also says that immediately upon getting back on her usual daily Laminine intake, following the round of antibiotics, she again felt the significant increase in well being and clarity that she did when she first started use. She’s never had any other nutritional impact her sense of balance the way Laminine continues to do.


  • ANITA loves everything abt. Laminine. It has made a wonderful difference for her in many ways and she calls it her “life insurance”. She’d going to be 90 years young soon and wants to take care of herself & her health the best way possible. She thought she was in good health when she started and didn’t know she could feel so much better than she had been already. The changes she experienced were fascinating!
  • EMELIE loves the way Laminine has affected her eyesight. She experienced emotional & mental benefits early on. And about 4.5 months into using Laminine, to her unexpected delight, she was working on her computer one day and realized she could see better without her glasses than with them! She also used to wear “corrective” contact lenses that help train the eyes back to 20/20 vision. She was able to stop wearing these as well, which she was dependent on for driving. Now, even her night vision has significantly improved and she no longer uses glasses or contact lenses at all.
  • JESSE has noticed a change in how his brain works and recognized, early on, the impact on motivation and problem-solving decisions.




  • STAN suffered a number of concussions in the early ‘90s…martial arts & car accidents….and a severe one mid ‘90s. He was off work for over a year. Then started getting severe headaches & flu like symptoms and was tested for meningitis. Then started having joint disease…back & shoulder. A friend with Parkinson’s had good results with Laminine & let him know about it.

    Right away he had incredible results. Not knowing about the loading dose protocol, he started w/ 1-day and saw a change. When he increased to the loading dose, the retracing was too strong so he cut back to 3/day. With that, he no longer has head, broken rib injury pain…even his shoulders are feeling much better.

    He now takes 2 in morning and 1 before exercise. He can go hiking and exercise without pain afterwards. He’s keeping up w/ 20-year old athletes again. Laminine has changed his life & those w/ whom he’s shared it.

  • HELEN (David’s Mom) 86 – Before Laminine she was in a great state of depression & sleep deprived. David’s sister wanted to put her on anti-depressants. Instead, David spent 5 weeks in Florida to help get her started on Laminine. What a change!!

    She is happy & drops off to sleep immediately now & sleeps like a baby. She has such a wonderful outlook on life and is no longer angry and negative. Laminine has changed the family dynamics completely and she has even attracted a wonderful man into her life. She has moved from a place of darkness and anger and despair to one of happiness, love & forgiveness.

    She says it is unbelievable that her life has turned around the way it has.
    Everyone should be taking it Laminine!




  • FRANCIS reports his wife suffers w/ Lymes & has experienced remarkable relief from all of the associated discomforts after just 5 days on Laminine. She has also suffered with chronic sinus headaches from which she is already experiencing relief as well.
  • BELINDA shares that her eyesight has improved. After testing her on high power equipment, her Dr. came back and said she couldn’t help her, because her eyes are now 20/20. Dr. wanted to know what she’s doing and asked for information. Belinda encourages everyone to keep using Laminine; she’s confident that anyone will experience benefits w/ sustained use.
  • BONNIE has been using Laminine for 15+ months now and continues to sleep like a baby, after many years of not sleeping well. What a JOY!! She had also been dealing w/ osteoporosis for years… doing everything she could with natural means, diet, exercise, to no avail. She went back for testing after being on Laminine for several months and testing now shows that the osteoporosis is reversed. Using Laminine is the only thing she has done differently that could support this change.
  • ERIC shares that having studied with Dr. Young about body chemistry & eating for Ph balance, he had the opportunity to experience the impact of stress on health when he went on a vacation, ate whatever he wanted to and was stress-free for that time and then came home to the demands of daily life. He finds that Laminine eliminates the effects of stress and supports the body to stay in balance.


  • EMELIE was experiencing a lot of stress and was on a timeline crunch when she received her first Laminine package. She immediately took 2 capsules; and, within 20 minutes she felt a calm come over her that she’d never experienced before with any other nutritional. The mind chatter quieted down and she felt more peaceful. She’s been living stress free ever since!

    She also started seeing mental benefits early on, with mental & cognitive processes connecting more easily than ever before.

    On the Physical side, in the first few days she slept 11 hours one night, experiencing deep, restorative rest; and, after 6 weeks she noticed that her bladder had strengthened and she was no longer waking in the night to use the bathroom. At the 4 month point, she recognized improvement in her eyesight… she could see better without her glasses! She hasn’t worn them since. Even her night vision has improved and she can see in the dark again.

    Watching Her 2 young grandchildren enjoying laminine and not getting frustrated or stressed out has also been a tremendous blessing. It’s wonderful to know that her daughter has 2 happy, healthy children.



You Must hear this story for yourself… these notes don’t do it justice.


  • SHAWN tells us that she’s feeling mentally at peace & stable this morning; which is decidedly different than where she was in, and since, 1997… when she received a diagnosis of MS. What ensued was a devastating and complete neurological crash that affected every aspect of her life.

    Shawn shares the details of the downward spiral she experienced and loss of career, home, marriage, dexterity, dancing, mobility and much more that followed. Such was the ongoing downhill journey of her life experience for a long time.

    Fast forward to just a few months ago, when the FDA changed rulings that affected a supplement she had been using which had been effective in giving her some relief. Those changes rendered that supplement ineffective. Then she learned of Laminine.

    First 8-10 minutes of using Laminine she could feel the difference…first 3 days major improvements…including being able to turn over in bed on her own. Then, soon after as she continued use, her eye sight improved and she was able to get out of her wheelchair.

    Laminine has supported her body in repairing & rebuilding a faulty immune system…faulty nervous system….a faulty lymphatic system and more. She has her handwriting back, mobility is back, hot flashes gone & hormone balance is increasing, to mention just a few more benefits.

    The past 16 years have been a downward slope of increasing hopelessness and despair. Thanks to Laminine she is now on a definite upward climb. Now, since this past October, every day there is some new reason for hope as the benefits continue.

    Her advice to everyone: “Even if you are not feeling anything discernable, be assured that Laminine is working for you”.

    She additionally shares the details of the protocol she started with and what she’s doing now.




  • REBECCA is a cancer survivor. She talks about going from feeling low energy to hiking the Tetons w/in 4 months of starting Laminine. She’s not a seasoned hiker and was able to go backpack hiking w/ friends for 3 or 4 12-hour days w/ friends. A year earlier she wasn’t able to walk much at all. Even a year earlier than that she could hike for an hour, at most, and then would be tired. Laminine has restored her energy and balance in more ways than she ever thought possible.
  • LISA has a14 year old daughter who has gone through many social challenges at school. She was taking Laminine for a while and then she stopped using it. She has recently started again and the difference in her mood is significant. Her friends are even noticing and asking if she’s taking her “happy pill” again. They tell her that they like being around her when she’s taking her Laminine.
  • MARTHA share that Laminine gets better all the time! She traveled recently and has always been fearful when flying… especially at take-off and landing. She’s heard that Laminine reduces fear; she didn’t expect it to effect fear of flying. She’s been using for 4 months and loves it.
  • JANEY used to have lots of fear & anxiety. She has seen a huge difference since starting Laminine. She no longer has anxiety attacks. She also finds that stress at work no longer bothers her. She’s experiencing many other benefits and is very excited to see how her experience will get better and better.




  • EMELIE says Laminine is the missing link for her health and wellbeing. She feels she’s now living w/o stress. On the emotional/mental level she’s responsive now instead of reactive, even with her kids. She’s also seen cognitive improvement and many other physical benefits. She didn’t realize she could feel so much better than she was feeling before Laminine. She’s also seen her eyesight improve over time. Her hair and skin looks and feels younger. Even after more than a year she continues to see more benefits. She calls Laminine her Fountain of Youth!




  • MARY LOU – 15 months later can’t say enough good things about Laminine. After just 10 days of use she experienced tremendous increase in energy, clarity and motivation. She also reports sleeping better. And it just keeps getting better and better. We each have a personal adventure and story with Laminine. She has heard so many stories from others about their journey and they are all different. There are ups and downs; she has experienced cycles of retracing and come out the other side with more energy and well being that keeps improving over time. She loves how this product works on emotional and mental balance as well. Thank goodness for the education we have available, so we can understand the cycles of healing and stay the course long-term.




  • JESSE needed cataract surgery and started the process by having it done in one eye. The next day, when the bandages came off, to the Doctor’s dismay, vision in that eye was not improved, it was totally gone. Jesse was told there was no hope of change or improvement. He then had to consider surgery for the other eye, as the cataract there was growing. Then he was introduced to Laminine. Without further surgery, his vision has improved now in both eyes. He is reading and driving again. His vision is so much better and he no longer fears going totally blind, as he continues to see improvement. He’s been using Laminine for 9 months, taking 3 twice daily.


  • DAVID shares how powerful Laminine has been for his Mom. He feels so grateful to have his mom back. An incredible Joy to hear & see the changes in her.
  • HELEN, David’s Mom, shares that before Laminine she was in a very bad state in many ways for a very long time… stressed, couldn’t sleep, irritable, angry depressed, etc… She never tried anything David brought to her in the past. Thru David’s kind persistence she finally tried Laminine. She expected it to take at least 3-4 months before experiencing anything. In just 10 short days Laminine turned her life around. At 85 yrs old, she is now in a wonderful state and doesn’t feel feel her age. She is happy and social again. Grateful to have her life back. Her family is delighted too. She can’t begin to really say what a difference it has made for her.

    At John’s request, Helen shares that her use protocol has been a little different than the usual… in the beginning and now.

    David says more about how extraordinary the change has been. His mom is no longer angry & depressed. She is joyful and happy. Her children say they can’t believe she is the same person.


  • ANITA has been using Laminine for just over a year. This has been a wonderful unexpected journey of wellness, learning and discovery. She felt immediately that something was different here. Within the 1st week she saw improved mental focus & clarity. Stress levels were immediately improved as well, with increased feelings of calm & well being. She is so much better able to handle stress. She is loving Laminine and very grateful.




  • MARTHA shares her excitement about how greatly Laminine has improved her sense of well-being in remarkable ways. She felt she was already in good health when she started the protocol and continues to be impressed by the difference this product has made. She is especially amazed by the change to her mental focus & clarity. She loves the Comp Plan and everyone with whom she’s shared Laminine has enjoyed the same wonderful results she has.
  • MARY LOU has been using Laminine for a little over a year and she can’t say enough about the benefits and changes she’s experienced. Didn’t realize she had any depression issues; but, Laminine gave her an undeniable feeling of upliftment in short order. Her allergies have been reduced and her immune system is stronger. She has significantly increased enthusiasm for life that she didn’t have before. Laminine definitely has cumulative results that continue to improve and unfold. She is very grateful for Laminine.


  • DAVID shares how powerfully Laminine has impacted him. He had suffered a sports injury to his knee that majorly restricted his performance and caused him a great deal of pain. After some months of use he is playing again like he did in his youth and keeping up with players much younger than he is.

    He also shares about how Laminine has alleviated his mothers depression, changing her demeanor in obvious ways and what has happened for other family members.




  • CATRINA is excited to share her 1-year journey with Laminine. She had been experiencing a prolonged cycle of stress for some time when she began using the product. So much so it had started taking a toll on her health. She wasn’t sleeping well, was having bouts of depression and experiencing a level of exhaustion she had never felt before. She was becoming quite concerned. Literally within hours of taking her first capsules, she felt the stress and depression start to lift; and, within 10 days all of these symptoms (and more) were a thing of the past. She was sleeping well & waking refreshed, had energy to spare, had increased mental clarity/focus and enhanced sense of well being. She was feeling happiness and joy again! She has been an advocate of natural health practices and supplementation for many years, always seeking the best products for personal use and recommending to others. Laminine is the first product she’s ever used that impacts the mental and emotional dimensions of well being, as well as physical…and it just keeps getting better! She continues to experience the balancing, renewing benefits of Laminine every day.


  • TAH shares that she’s been taking Laminine for 14 months. She has experienced wonderful sleep & lack of stress benefits. More important for her, however, is that the pain in her hands, which were beginning to be like claws, has gone. Her fingers have straightened out and the little knobs under her thumbs have virtually disappeared, with the pain in her wrists now being minimal. And that’s just the beginning! She had a major issue with her eyes and was diagnosed with the beginning stages of this condition. Since taking Laminine, her 6- months eye exam has shown those symptoms to have completely reversed. She feels that her body is being made new again…she has more energy than ever and she’s able to hike without ever being out of breath. She is more than delighted!
  • BONNIE has been using Laminine for a year. There have been many benefits…including significantly improved sleep & mental focus. A Wellness Consultant, she has used many supplements over the years. Most recently she is happy to report seeing improvement in Osteoporosis. She has been working with this nutritionally for 7 years now, and has been able to stop it from advancing; but, she hadn’t seen any real improvement. Her most recent bone density test shows that she is now pre-osteo not full blown osteo. She is thrilled and can only attribute the difference to taking Laminine.

    Their dog has benefited from Laminine use as well. She used to have frequent seizures and with 1 Laminine capsule daily she now rarely has any. When she does, they are getting milder and milder. In fact, the last one she had was barely noticeable. Bonnie highly recommends Laminine for animals too.


  • JOHN & EMELIE share a more in depth conversation about their own Laminine journey to Optimum Health.
  • ERIC started last January w/ serios depression. Had gotten to the point that he tried using pharmaceuticals; but, that didn’t feel right or natural for him in his body. Just before he heard about laminine he had reached the point that he was actually thinking about ending it all. Within 10 days of starting to take laminine, his depression was totally gone….his life was totally transformed. He has seen other areas of benefit as well…sleep has improved dramatically. He also shares a remarkable story about the impact of stress on his blood pH balance tests. He is more productive now and getting more done in a more relaxed way. He is motivated and inspired about life again…and very grateful.




  • LYLE shares that using Laminine has been earth-shattering, to say the least. A year ago in Dec. he developed a major knee problem. He had always exercised, then decided to add running to his program. His knee objected; so much so, it became difficult for him to walk and he had to stop. Then a friend said he had something that could help and sent him some Laminine. He had no expectations. Started on the protocol, then stopped thinking about it; but, noticed pain was reduced. Then his wife suggested that the issue might be w/ his shoes, so she bought him a new pair. He started running again and had no pain. Attributing it to the new shoes, he started telling everyone he had “magic shoes” that fixed his knee. His friend called and he told him about the shoes. The friend said “it’s the pill”; Lyle said “no, it’s the shoes”. Friend suggested he stop taking Laminine and see what happened. About 3 days later his pain was returning. He thought “Wow, it IS the pill”. Then started learning about Laminine. The more he learned, the more he thought “Holy cow! What have I stumbled into?”

    First day he took Laminine he felt like he was on cloud 9, with more energy, enhanced well-being, less irritable, more patience and really feeling rested for a change. For years he’s been having trouble sleeping…waking up and going back to sleep many time throughout the night. Then, waking feeling tired in the morning. In his first week he saw that change. As a test, he stopped product use for 3 weeks in April, to see if it was really Laminine making the difference. Everyone in his family told him he should never do that again! He is very grateful for the difference Laminine is making in his life.

  • Dr. JACK HERD sees so many people w/ wide range of symptoms getting benefit from Laminine. There were many strong testimonials at recent meeting that people were standing up and shouting “where can I get this”?

    Majority of people will start the Trial and see the benefits we talk about. Many health professionals are coming on board and participating w/ Laminine. He has cardiologists starting to look at the product. Also alcohol & drug rehab people are seeing potential for supporting recovery w/ Laminine.

    Giving out CDs and/or Health News publications is a great way to get the ball rolling with practitioners. One of the most important ways to share is to bring people to these Overview calls as well, so they can hear firsthand what people are sharing.




  • SCOTT reports having had 5 years of chronic pain. To the point that he couldn’t live normally. He tried many products over the years in hopes of finding relief. Laminine is the only product he’s found that has given him consistent pain management results, especially at night time when pain is at its worst. This has been a real blessing!!

    He’s been taking Laminine for almost a full year now and felt a response within the first week of starting use. The rest of the inflammation came down over time. He stayed with the initial protocol for the first 90 days and it took the first full month to begin to see change. Now, a year later, he can move around, pain-free, better than he’s been able to in many years.




  • EMELIE has been in Holistic Health her whole life. She has never had a product that makes a difference on the emotional / mental side. She had been dealing with some habitual uncomfortable emotions that would come up from time to time. Once she began Laminine it totally went away. On the physical side, she has seen her eyesight improve; and, at 64, she no longer needs glasses or contacts for reading, night driving or anything else.
  • CATRINA has been using Laminine for 11 months now; and, with a background of over 25 years in the Wellness field, is also impressed with the impact Laminine has on emotional balance & mental clarity, in addition to the physical benefits. She is further impressed with the increasing sense of well-being, joy, mental clarity and overall balance she is experiencing. While she has found Laminine to promote stages & phases of detoxing, she also reports that the outcome, each time, is a deepening felt sense of greater strength and well-being on all levels. Thrilled & grateful, she feels energetic & youthful again.


  • EMELIE shares her story of how Laminine has changed her life right from the start. It has alleviated stress like nothing she’s ever experienced, on the emotional & mental level as well as physical. At 64 and already healthy when she began use, she found Laminine has taken her wellness to the next level in many amazing ways. Life is more joyful since Laminine. She now finds it so rewarding to share with others so they can become happy & healthy too!
  • KENDALL had an ulcer for many years and unable to enjoy tomatoes. A week ago he was able to eat tomatoes without any discomfort for the first time in 25 years. For him, this is a huge testament to the power of Laminine, which has helped his stomach heal and his body rebalance. He just loves it!


  • ANITA started taking Laminine last November and could feel the difference very quickly. She knew something was different here than w/ any other supplements she’s taken. Before 1st week was over she was experiencing greater mental clarity & focus. If nothing else, for her at her age, that was enough. As she has continued to use Laminine she’s experienced greater benefits as well. Cravings for sweets have gone away and she finds she’s not even interested any more. Choosing healthier foods naturally. She’s very happy w/ results.
  • MARY LOU shares that Laminine has motivated her to want to exercise & work out again. 2nd week on the product she was feeling more inspired to engage with life across the board and she found herself getting projects done she’d been putting off for a long time. Mental clarity is remarakable. She also has experienced the ups and downs of retracing & detoxing, for a day or two at a time, and every time comes out the other side feeling more energetic & better in so many ways than ever before.
  • ANN has been taking Laminine for 1 year now & she can honestly say that every month it gets better & better. At first it took over 5 days to begin to notice any changes. Since then, the improvements have been many. She’s lost weight, is sleeping better, has more energy, and longer desires sweets, to name a few. She absolutely LOVES Laminine.




  • IRENE shares how Laminine has benefited her digestive health. While not life threatening, she’s had lifelong digestive issues . Only 2 weeks into product use she found it was making a significant difference. She’s thrilled, because she knows a healthy digestive tract is the foundation of good health. She wasn’t expecting digestive impact when she started using Laminine, she just wanted to take something that would help support her overall good health, so she can do and enjoy all the things in life that she yet wants to experience. Laminine has changed her life!
  • SCOTT has been chasing after pain management for many years due to constant chronic pain. Laminine has significantly reduced pain and he now rests well too.
  • CATRINA shares how Laminine has been life changing for her. She is most impressed with how it supports Emotional and Mental balance. Many supplements have given her body physical support, never before has anything addressed emotional balance and mental clarity. Depression is gone, energy is way up, peace & clarity of mind and restful sleep are just a few of the benefits for which she is grateful.
  • STEVEN shares how Laminine affected him through his best friend. Steven wound up being homeless and on the street some years ago. His best friend took him in. His friend has spent over $10,000 attempting to find relief from depression. This friend had called him, on more than one occasion, saying he was suicidal. In fact, at one point, he called saying he was literally online and googling how to kill himself. Then he found Laminine and started using it. Steven noticed a change in his friend….so much so, he thought it was a different person, not the one he was used to hearing from. His friend was no longer depressed!! That got Steven’s attention and now he’s using Laminine too. He’ll be getting back to us with his own update soon.




  • DAVID shares about how taking Laminine has helped a major knee injury improve and heal. An athlete, he finds his performance is greatly enhanced and his game has improved significantly. He experiments with taking Laminine right before bedtime w/ additional benefits. He has shared it w/ his mom and it has made her happier than he’s seen her in years. She is amazed by the difference it’s making in her life as well. Laminine doesn’t cure anything; it does give the body the raw materials needed for regeneration and restoration. Simply extraordinary!!
  • RUSS has been taking Laminine for 8 months. At one point in the beginning, he slept 11 hours …he hadn’t done that in years. He had been sleeping only a few hours at at time up ‘til then. Early on he noticed his mood was changing, he felt happier and able to handle stress w/o reaction. He has had ongoing cardiac issues for some time. With his heart beating 300 beats per minutes and couldn’t get it under control. He has a pacemaker. Doctor gave him meds, saying that if that doesn’t work in 3 days, the next step would be shock treatment to get his heart back in rhythm. He was not thrilled with this news. 3 weeks into Laminine use his heart was beating in rhythm again. Went in for tests… EKG etc., nurse said there were no longer markers for Afib. His pacemaker was set for 70… she told him his heart was beating at 76. His body was not using the pacemaker. He now feels as great as he did before any of his heart surgeries. Thank you Laminine!!
  • MARY LOU had been diagnosed w/ cancer, which made no sense to her since she has always done the best she could to stay healthy. Doctors had no answers as to how this could be. Laminine attracted her because of the origins & cancer treatment; and, because of her search for solutions to learn how to never get it again. She noticed an immediate increase in joy for life. She had energy and was getting to projects she’d been putting off. She been using Laminine for 10 months now and has found that allergies have disappeared, she’s sleeping better and is much more attentive to her body and knowing what it needs. The longer she takes Laminine the better she feels. She believes Laminine goes beyond anti-aging, she feels it is literally age reversing!!


  • LINDA shares that this is her first month using Laminine. She ordered the Fast Track package so she could also get her husband and other family members started on the 4/day protocol. She recently increased her own use to 6 per day. Allergies she’s had for years have cleared up. Her Mother had a stroke and is finding that Laminine use is helping with memory improvement. Other family members are having benefits as well.
  • CATRINA has been using Laminine for going on 10 months now and continues to be amazed. When she started taking Laminine she had been under tremendous, prolonged stress and it was taking a toll on her health. She was experiencing depression, loss of energy and mental focus, and not sleeping well. She now feels an increasing sense of well being and emotional balance, mental clarity and focus is much improved, and she has energy to spare. The longer she uses Laminine, the better it gets.




  • LYNNE started using Laminine about 4.5 months ago. Before she started she was very tired & very depressed . She’d actullay been depressed for years; but, had no interest in using antidepressants. She’s always been one for using natural means to support health and was using teas & supplements. She also started gaining a lot of weight and didn’t know why. She just found she was hungry all the time. She was also having a hard time sleeping & woke up feeling tired. About 2.5 weeks into taking Laminine, she woke up so happy she started singing to her husband b/c she was so happy. She was sleeping well, felt rested and had energy again. Since then she has seen a lot of other benefits, including amazing improvement to her skin…tightening under the chin, lines going away, dry skin gone. Lamine has truly changed her life…she’s a happy, energetic person now! She loves Laminine and she loves this company.
  • TOM was on many medications for depression, stress, anxiety & insomnia. He was sleeping only 2 hours at a time, even w/ meds. He started on Laminine & within 24 hours was feeling Improvement. He was subsequently able to get off the drugs & is now drug free. He had chronic knee & back pain and is now pain free and is riding his bicycle again, as much as 400 miles a week. Laminine has been a life changer!!
  • MYRNA shares that her cat was not feeling well. She started giving him Laminine on his food, opening the capsule & sprinkling it on. She then wondered if he’d take it from her hand; opened a capsule and he ate it all. Now he comes into kitchen in the morning not asking for food… but for Laminine and waits ‘til she gives it to him. He’s like a new cat again, jumping and playing with her other cat like he used to do. Myrna loves using Laminine herself, too, of course!
  • DR. HERD started on Laminine last September and has seen amazing results w/ putting patients on the product. Many women have reported increased bladder control…men also report urinating less often in the night. His wife & he are pleased with their own results as well… elevated mood, increased energy levels and resting better. He’s impressed with the phenomenal benefits. Laminine is a wonderful product to take personally and to share with family & friends.


  • BONNIE has been using Laminine since last October and is amazed that she continues to experience new results. Her eye sight has improved; chronic back and neck pain has gone; she sleeps better and has lost weight. Most recently she’s noticing that her fingers are straighter than they have been. Benefits increase the longer she takes Laminine.
  • TOM also started 8 months ago. Had major depression & anxiety and was in therapy. Also suffered with severe insomnia, even with taking several prescription medicines. He started feeling immediate benefits with his first Laminine capsule. He is now feeling more emotional balance and has been able to wean off of his many medications. He is so grateful for Laminine and encourages others to give it a try. You may be surprised by what if can do for you.
  • MARY LOU also has 8 months experience with Laminine. New Orleans has a Jazz Fest once a year, which she enjoys. Attending means there’s a lot of walking & standing in heat & humidity. Usually she is limited in how long she can walk & stand. This year she was able to walk w/o pain and even stand in one place, pain free, for a 2 hour concert. She also used to experience serious allergies at the Fest, due to hay. No allergies at this year’s Jazz Fest. She’s also sleeping better and has a long list of other benefits. Just wanted to share her Jazz Fest story today.




  • TOM suffered with chronic depression, insomnia and anxiety. He was on a regimen of drugs, some to help w/ the side effects of the others. Skeptical at first, he decided to give Laminine a try. Within 24 hours of taking his first capsule, he was feeling much better. Within 2 weeks he began slowly weaning himself off ALL the drugs. He had been so debilitated he wasn’t able to drive a car…and wasn’t eating well. Now he’s been on the product for 8 months and chronic pain in his knees & back has cleared up. He’s even back to riding 400 miles a week on his bicycle. He literally feels 20 years younger! Laminine has changed his life. Encourages everyone to try the product and see what it will do for them.
  • STAN HOLDEN, LifePharm Master Distributor, shares that he wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Laminine. It has made a huge difference for him, his wife and their son. He very passionately feels that Laminine is a gift to humanity. You might say the same once you experience it for yourself. He has never seen a product with such a broad range of benefits. It’s a wonderful feeling to be helping so many people around the globe.




  • BOB shares that he’s seen an increase in patience & energy level, at 71 years of age. Their 4 year old don, Lulu, was plagued w/ constant eye & ear infections that are totally gone now. And her behavior has changed as well. She is no longer shy…much more friendly and social.
  • IRENE continues to be pleased with Laminine. Constipation has been a lifelonng issue for her and Laminine almost immediately addressed that. She no longer has this issue. Knowing that health begins in the digestive system, she is grateful for the solution Laminine has brought to her.
  • LYNN originally got Laminine due to stress and anxiety. The first time she took just one capsule, to her surprise, she noticed a difference in 20 minutes. She felt calmer. She wasn’t convinced though and thought it was a placebo effect. The next morning she took Laminine again and within 20min later felt calm. She was impressed. For the first month she was taking only 1 capsule per day. When she decided to do the whole protocol that’s when she really noticed more profound benefits. Immediately she had more focus, more energy, more stamina to get through the day, less mind chatter, and felt more motivated & able to finish tasks. Since then she has also seen more stamina for workouts. Jogged for first time in a very long time yesterday and was surprised she could run a mile w/o any stress. Her children have even commented that her skin is looking more youthful. She is thrilled and would never want to be w/o Laminine.


  • TOM shares he suffered for many years w/ depression, anxiety & insomnia to the point of being disabled. He’d been eating well & into nutrition & supplements for many years. Due to the nature of his depression he was taking 10 different drugs, 2 of them for sleeping. Even w/ all that he was not able to sleep thru the night. From the first 2 Laminine capsules, he started feeling better and sleeping better w/in 24 hours. Blood pressure improved & he’s been able to get off of all of the drugs. His doctor is trying the product, as are other friends who are in good health & also seeing extremely good results.
  • CORY shared that in the first week she was sleeping much better & waking up much more refreshed w/o waking during the night. When she cut back to 1 capsule twice a day she found it wasn’t as effective. She went back to taking 2 twice a day and had a long standing, chronic pain in her leg improve by more than 50%. She’s no longer using ibuprofin or aleve or other over the counter pain medications and just this past week she woke up totally pain free. She has also finding her sugar & carb cravings have gone, which is a big deal for her. Memory has improved as well. She’s found it very cost effective in many ways to use Laminine.




  • TOM was diagnosed a year ago with chronic depression, anxiety, and insomnia related to business pressure. To the point that he was literally disabled. He couldn’t function in some simple ways and was fearful to leave the house. For many years he had be eating well & taking supplements. When he learned about Laminine, his doctor said there was no reason to not take it and to go ahead and give it a shot. At the time he was taking 10 drugs & 2 for sleeping. Some of the drugs were to manage side effects from the other drugs! Within 24 hours of taking his first 2 Laminine capsules, he was feeling better emotionally and even hopeful again. Laminine has made all the difference. He is off all drugs & feeling fantastic! He’s sleeping well and seeing improvement in the quality of his skin and his hair is no longer falling out. Recovery time has improved w/ exercise. Laminine has been a true godsend. Can’t say how it works, can just say give it a try.
  • VIRGINIA started Laminine use a month ago. Diagnosed w/ chronic fatigue, she honestly thought she was dying, she felt so poorly. Upon starting Laminine, she immediately felt her mood and energy level improve. She has also shared Laminine with her father, who has Parkinson’s, and he has been looking better and speaking clearly again as well. She is very impressed.
  • CARRIE is so grateful for being introduced to Laminine. She has been depressed for a very long time. Many friends and family members were recommending she take anti-depressants. Concerned about side effects, she never went for that. Starting Laminine brought her increased balance and decreased anxiety right away. It has improved her patience with her children. Angry mental chatter and commentary has quieted and no longer occurs. Depression also makes exercise difficult and challenging. Within 2-3 weeks of starting Laminine use, her body started feeling stronger. She found she was able to exercise easily & was naturally feeling drawn to making healthier food choices. She can’t recommend Laminine enough.




  • SJHIRA started noticing gradual increase in energy. She is 29 and a Nanny by profession. She noticed that something was out of balance with her energy. She was tired all the time and not able to keep up with the children in her care. With Laminine she’s got her energy back. Learning about retracing and healing has been significant for her. She believes in this product and will share it with anyone.
  • CARRIE is a mom w/ kids and found herself very stressed and feeling a lot of anxiety. She’s had a particularly rough time for the past 2 years. She has tried so many natural remedies without success. She was being encouraged to consider antidepressants when Laminine came along. She is delighted by how Laminine has brought her the relief she was seeking and has helped her body start to balance. She immediately noticed that she was better able to handle daily stress and the mental chatter stopped. Laminine has made a world of difference for her. Now she’s also feeling her body is getting stronger; she’s been able to go to the gym again and get back into exercise. She’s acclimating to the new experience of living her life feeling happy and well again.


  • CATRINA has been using Laminine for 7 months now and feels fortunate, indeed. She was experiencing burnout and fatigue before starting Laminine, which was frequently punctuated with bouts of depression. She felt significant relief within the first week of use and says she feels like her former self again. Has lots of energy, renewed emotional and mental balance, greater focus & motivation, sleeping well again and general overall enthusiasm for life. She is a happy camper !
  • DR. JACK HERD shares his exciting laminine journey. Amazing energy increase and mood enhancement, with Cortisol levels down and serotonin increased. He has also seen phenomenal results in many of his patients. He is loving the financial possibilities, for himself and others, that Laminine offers as well. Used to have an interview radio show with many guest wellness practitioners, etc. He has never seen anything like Laminine in his 50 years of practice. He’s very impressed with the brain function improvements he’s seeing. Getting to homeostasis is key to health and Laminine helps the body do just that!




  • DR. STEVE PETROCINO is our guest speaker on this call and shares how he is daily & increasingly seeing a big shift in the medical community to a new paradigm. He has a foot in 2 worlds with his primary background being in nutrition and also doing research for a major pharmaceutical company.
  • He shares that he is seeing increasing nutritional therapies coming into physicians’ practices. 90% of Americans don’t eat a balanced diet, so don’t get what they need from food sources. In past, doctors could not get reimbursed for counseling on general health…no economic incentive for their time.
  • However, in recent years many traditional medical providers have been moving into Alternative & Nutritional Medicine. Universities are opening divisions dedicated to Alternative Medicine. Many doctors now take supplements themselves & want to know what’s best.
  • Dr. Steve continues to talk about the health benefits of whole food, stating that Laminine is a whole food and sharing about the benefits.
  • He also discusses how isolating a nutrient and extracting it from the whole food source in which it occurs can cause problems.
  • Case in point:
    Calcium-rich foods lower heart health risk
    Calcium isolated out of food source increases heart risk
  • Never see problems with whole food nutrients.
  • Laminine is a whole food.

Thank you, Dr. Steve!!




  • KATIE in 3rd month of using Laminine and experiences something new every 2 weeks. She’s experiencing improvement in her posture, with her shoulders being more relaxed and able to be more upright than ever before. Chronic pain in her knee has also gone away.
  • CHARLYNE has been taking Laminine for 3 months. She has had so many benefits she can’t remember them all. Brain fog, short term memory & depth perception issues have cleared up. She didn’t believe it possible at first. Chronic tension & pain had her visiting her Chiropractor frequently. She no longer needs to do that. Diagnosed w/ chronic fatigue, she now has so much energy that she’s been able to garden again. She’s also appreciating emotional clarity and peacefulness she hadn’t been feeling before. She knows she’s still healing and very excited by the prospect that there is now a possibility to totally regain her health.
  • EMELIE didn’t even know she could feel this great. She didn’t realize that she was stressed until she had a contrast. Living stress free and emotionally stable has been a godsend. Sleeping much better. Her eyes have improved…doesn’t need glasses any more to read or drive. Very exciting and it keeps getting better.


  • MYRNA shares abut her cat feeling poorly. 4 days ago he slept the entire day, waking only briefly and wanting to be held. She gave him ¼ capsule on his food that evening and again in the morning. Next day he was up & running around like a kitten again. She was very impressed.
  • DAVID started using Laminine in January w/ Plantar Fasciitis. After just 3 ½ weeks, this long standing pain was totally gone. He recommends Laminine to anyone experiencing pain in their body.
  • VINCE started Laminine use on Oct. 1, 2011. He has been diabetic and on meds for past 7 yrs. He was miserable with side effects of digestive complaints taking the meds. The Dr. gave him more meds for the complications. He was praying for a natural solution. Laminine immediately lowered his glucose levels w/in 48 hours and his numbers normalized over the next couple of weeks. He hasn’t needed to use his meds again since. When he next visited his doctor, he further learned that his blood pressure had normalized as well. He LOVES Laminine!
  • CHARLYNE has been taking Laminine for 2.5 months. She’s had a most amazing experience. She has been on a wellness journey for quite some time, having lost her health some 15 years ago to chronic fatigue. She sought out every natural approach & type of practitioner she could find. Nothing worked. Within just 12 hours of starting Laminine she felt her focus, energy, and balance return. After 2 weeks her Dr. told her that her endocrine system had balanced and she no longer needed her Thyroid meds. She is happy to report that she is now well on the road back to restored health thanks to Laminine.




  • DR. STEVE PETROCINO shares about what makes Laminine a game changer. Allopathic Medicine is about waiting ‘til you lose your health to try approaches that might help to get it back. Laminine is about giving the body what it needs so it can stay healthy and become stronger.

    He further shares the difference between isolated nutrients, synthetic nutrients and nutrients derived from whole food sources; and, the deleterious and beneficial effects of each. Stating that Laminine IS a whole food, he makes the point that this is a huge part of why the results with Laminine are so extraordinary. He also discusses the millions of proteins formed from the 22 amino acids and how Laminine supports that process. As well as how proteins are changed or denatured through cooking and other processes, rendering them less useful to the body for building new cells.

    Laminine goes a step further, he remarks, as this product comes from fertilized eggs, gathered on the 9th day, such that they contain fibroblast growth factor and other factors not available in any other food source.

    Dr. Petrocino continues to comment on the effects of stress, positive and negative, and Laminine’s important role in helping us deal with restoring Cortisol and Seratonin balance.

    These notes do not do justice to all of what Dr. Steve shared. For the full impact of his presentation, you must hear this call for yourself.

  • BONNIE has been taking Laminine since October and continues to be amazed that she keeps feeling better and better the longer she takes it. Her memory & focus has improved and she’s sleeping like she’s never slept before. Finds she doesn’t need chiropractic care as often and her adjustments are holding. Work outs are fantastic & recovery time is Improve. Wellbeing and happiness has increased. Laminine is truly a blessing for herself & her family.
  • JOHN shared that immediately the mental clarity and increased stamina were very impressive and still are. Laminine brings him a very calm, balanced energy that helps align the latter part of his day into the evening. It wasn’t until he’d been on Laminine for a couple of weeks that he realized how much of an improvement it had brought him.
  • DR. SILAS feels that as more people find out about Laminine there will be a widespread recognition of the tremendous value of this product. Just 19 days into using, his 84 year-old wife has had a significant breakthrough in her arterial health, w/ technician stating that her tests showed healthy arteries, where previously there had been challenges. Very impressed with how quickly people see results w/ Laminine.




  • CHARLYNE has been taking Laminine for nearly 2 months. Diagnosed some years ago with Chronic Fatigue, she has been struggling with brain fog, confusion, lack of energy, loss of depth perception and more. None of the Doctors she’s seen has been able to help. After just 12 hours on Laminine the brain fog cleared and mental clarity returned. 2 weeks after starting Laminine, her Doctor took her off the meds he’s has her on, saying she no longer needed them. It has been a remarkable journey of healing. She is very grateful for the friend who told her about Laminine.
  • DR. HERD reports that his wife & he, both in mid 70s, have experienced great increase in energy. Mood has improved and they are resting better. One Naturpath Doctor friend told him of someone with Fibrosis of the lungs who had been hospitalized for long time. They could not get fluid out of lungs and sent her home to die. They thought she’d live for 7 days at best. She started Laminine and in 4 days she was breathing on her own. Just a few weeks ago she was able to travel by air without needing oxygen on the flight. There is no health situation is too serious for us to offer Laminine as a support to the body. Remember, Laminine doesn’t heal a thing, it simply helps to bring the body back to Homeostasis (balance) so it can then heal itself.
  • DR. SILAS’ wife is 84 and still recovering from major brain surgery. They have been using good nutritional products all along and she has still been having problems with short term memory. After 15 days on Laminine her memory has improved significantly. Recent arterial testing also showed major breakthrough, with a technician informing that her arteries looked good for …for a person of ANY age. After asking the Doctor if he knew what Laminin is, Silas then shared that there is a product called Laminine that helps support the body to create Laminin and would the Doctor be willing to write a prescription for Laminine. The reply was “yes”.




  • KATIE has been using Laminine for 7 weeks. She finds she is accomplishing more. Dreams are so much more vivid and she follows through on the inspiration. She woke up this morning remembering a dream about creating an e-book online. She already has started creating it on her computer.
  • DAVID started using Lamimine in January having a major pain problem w/ plantar fasciitis. After just a few weeks, the pain was totally gone and he’s loving the many other benefits he’s experiencing as well. Anyone w/ pain should give Laminine a try.
  • CARRIE is enjoying benefits on lots of different levels. A single mom of 2 teens, she has lots of stress & anxiety. She saw immediate relief. Now handles stress better and responds to life challenges with greater ease. Even with a recent car breakdown, she was able to stay calm and deal with the situation w/o reactivity and worrying about negative possibilities. Even her kids have noticed a change. She is very pleased.
  • LANA has had arthritis for many years. She is 90% pain free w/ Laminine. She now sleeps 7-8-9 hours & wakes up feeling wonderful. She is very pleased to report that her eye sight has also improved significantly.




  • CHARLYNE has been using Laminine for 6 weeks with amazing results. Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 15 years ago, she has seen many doctors and tried many protocols. Past several years she has also had “brain fog” and impared depth perception. After her first dose of Laminine the brain fog was gone, depth perception back and overall mental focus greatly improved. She feels like sleeping beauty waking up after years of being asleep. Feeling much happier.
  • SUZIE shares about a friend’s dog who could barely drag its legs. She hand fed Laminine to the dog. He loved it and wanted more, so she gave him another capsule. The next time she went over, a couple of days later, the dog came running up to her like a puppy and nudged her pocket asking for more.
  • DR. HERD shares that he and his wife are noticing an increase in energy and stamina. Even sustained energy. They’ve also experienced improved mood and they are resting better. Dr. Herd has seen phenomenal results with many of his patients. Seeing benefits of increased serotonin levels and lowered cortisol. He’s enjoying getting more people involved with the business and lots of excitement with folks getting started with the product as well.




  • JOHN shares how his whole life has changed since using Laminine. He didn't know he could feel this much better or that he could have this much more energy and mental clarity. He is very excited about the ongoing benefits he's experiencing.
  • EMELIE shares that living stress free is heaven on earth! Even stressful events are no longer upsetting. 6 months in to using Laminie she also shares details of how her eye sight has improved. She drinks a lot of water throughout the day and often got up in the night in past. Now her bladder is stronger and she sleeps thru the night.




  • CAROL did not notice a huge contrast when using Laminine. What she has noticed is there is a BIG difference when she's not using it. She is not focused, has much less energy and significantly less clarity. Used w/ coconut oil on a wart with great results. Dramatically changed starting the first day. The wart is continuing to disappear and is almost gone now.
  • EMMA started using Laminine first part of last November. She has seen significant blood sugar benefits. She was having a lot of trouble w/ neuropathy and can now get around well without needing use of a cane.
  • CHARLYNE has been using Laminine for a month now. She has seen many areas of benefit in body, mind & emotions. She had a stressful situation happen this last week, with her two little dogs being attacked by a more aggressive neighbor's dog. 6 months ago when this happened she didn't know what to do and went into an overwhelmed stress response. This time she was able to stay calm, present and focused and dealt with it effectively. She attributes having this greater balance and stress resilience to Laminine. Amazing!




  • KATIE has been using Laminine since beginning of March. She is experiencing better balance, greater happiness, voice less hoarse, eyes have improved and she has lots more energy. Laminine has also increased strength & stamina, thereby significantly enhancing her yoga practice.
  • ERIC was feeling very low last year and had given up on his dreams. He felt his best years were behind him. Within 1 week of starting Laminine he felt emotionally balanced & happy. Within 2 weeks he was feeling completely energized. He now feels his best years are ahead of him. He is sleeping better. Blood test results dramatically improved over last year's testing, showing balance in all areas.
  • CHARLYNE has been using Laminine for nearly a month. An answer to prayer for her. With long standing health challenges, she could not recover wellness balance even w/ wonderful Naturopathic Doctor support. In just 12 hours she experienced a dramatic change to brain fog, mental clarity, energy & stamina and more. She is sleeping better. Mind chatter quieted, meditation enhanced. She is just amazed!




  • CATRINA has been taking Laminine for 5 months now and continues to see increasing benefits. No longer struggling with depression, she is sleeping better & dreaming again, enjoying great improvement in energy, stamina, overall sense of wellbeing & joy and mental clarity. Her experience continues to get better & better.
  • EMELIE is 6 months into Laminine use and, among the many benefits she's experiencing, one of the most wonderful is waking in the morning to no mind chatter. Used to be she'd wake up to thinking about everything she had to get done, now she wakes up feeling peaceful and quiet. Loves it! She has also seen improvement in her eyesight. She is 64 and feels she is getting younger every day.
  • THOMAS no longer has leg or joint pain. He is also very pleased with the level of mental clarity Laminine has brought. He didn't realize he was in a fog or that he was slightly depressed until it lifted. He finds now that he is motivated & able to stay on task. He's resting well at night and waking up ready to greet the day! His skin quality has also improved. He and his wife will continue to take Laminine. They are both very impressed.



Special Guest: Phyllis Goodrich

  • Keeping a Journal of your Laminine Experience
  • Signs of Aging Ameliorated by Laminine
  • Laminine is "software" Information
  • We are Orchestrated By Our Brain – very much like a computer
  • FGF is Software for the Brain
  • Brain Has Innate Ability to Create Adult Stem Cells
  • Youthing Daily – body creates healthier & healthier cells
  • FGF Repairs DNA
  • Looking Younger Every Day – be your own business card
  • Something Is Different
  • Injuries Healed – repaired scar tissue & no longer limping
  • How You Feel is Indescribably Delicious!
  • Everything is Manageable – calm, confident, happy, fear free, focus
  • Laminine Does More Than Any Single Product
  • Remarkable Mental & Emotional Benefits As Well
  • No More Negative Angst – responsive, not reactive
  • Feeling and Looking Noticeably Younger – in a myriad of ways




  • ERIC has been dealing with intense depression since last year. He tried everything… Nutritional Products and Healing Modalities. Nothing worked. Very doubtfully, he started on Laminine at the first of this year. Within just one week he was very impressed. 2 weeks in he felt significantly calmer, with an overall better mood. At the 3 week point his sleep improved. Laminine has been a real blessing.
  • NORA reports that depression has been an issue for her as well. She's had no motivation or enthusiasm for some time. Now she's finding she has energy again to get things done. She's also experienced a diminishing in back pain. Very thankful for Laminine; it has been made a real difference for her.




  • DAVID started taking Lamimine in January with chronic Plantar Fasiitis in his right heel. In 3.5 weeks all the pain was gone. His right foot is fully functional now and a great relief for him. He's loving Laminine.
  • CHARLYNE has been enjoying Laminine for just 2 weeks. Understands power of nutritionals. 2 day woke up feeling 80% better & couldn't believe it. Severe brain fog for 8 years made doing basic daily things impossible. Still in disbelief that Laminine could do what it's done. Continues to be amazed. Last week her Dr. took her off her thyroid medication. He was impressed.
  • MARY LOU – Laminine is like opening a new present every day. Increased sense of well being, mental clarity, memory coming back (didn't realize she'd lost it). Facial rash she's had for a long time just went away. Loving her work outs more than ever… Hair coming back thicker and darker. Feels like she's getting a younger body every day.
  • EMELIE – excited to be on this journety to optimum health. Has noticed some new things. Bladder is stronger. Can sleep all night long w/o getting up, even drinking water right before bed. Sleeping even better than before. She is sleeping in and not waking up w/ mimd chatter. Waking up refreshed and no mind chatter. Eyes improving. No longer wears contacts or glasses for reading or driving.




  • DAVID started taking Laminine in January. He's had a painful issue with Plantar Faciitis, which has started to go away. He's now walking without pain & with his full weight.
  • IRENE reports that Laminine has helped with a life long chronic problem, dramatically improving digestive health & elimination.
  • CHARLYNE says this is so much more than just nutrition. She's been using nutritional products for years and nothing has ever done what Lamine has. From the very first day she felt an amazing improvement. She's been having issues with brain fog, ADD, depth perception, lack of energy, concentration and focus. She can't believe the difference! Today her Doctor took her off thyroid medications because her hormones have balanced and he said she no longer needs to take them. She's been to many different kinds of practitioners; no one has been able to help her. Nothing she's tried over the years has helped her. Laminine has turned her life around in just 11 days.
  • ROBERT has been on the product just a couple of days. Already he's experiencing increased energy and reduction in stress levels.




  • LARRY has only been on Laminine a couple of days, having taken 4 capsules so far. Part of his pancreas has been missing since '91 and he gets sleepy when he eats. Because of this, he has to be very careful about what he eats during the day. After just a couple of days taking Laminine he now can go all day & eat without getting sleepy. This is huge for him and like having his life back. He's also sleeping well.
  • ERIC was experiencing immobilization and lack of motivation, depression being a big factor. He tried medications, thereapies, and meditation all to no avail. Within days of starting Laminine his depression was gone. Motivation is back & he's sleeping better. He also enjoys taking Laminine just before bedtime. Laminine has turned his life around.
  • DR. JACK HERD reports that discovering Laminine has been an ncredible journey. Patients try the trial and call back to order more. One patient slept so well that she called back to order the FastTrack package. He works with applied kinesiology and has been able to assist people seeing improvement with brain fog, depression and getting off depression/anxiety meds. His personal experience has been having more energy, better sleep, improved mood. Laminine brings the body to homeostasis. He is very excited about this product. Has sold many nutrients over the years and has never seen one single product that does so much for people across such a broad spectrum of issues.




  • PAUL had been experiencing a lot of economic related stress. He hadn't been sleeping well and was so tense that he'd literally had bouts of nausea & vomiting. After hearing about Laminine, he thought he'd give it a try. Within just a couple of days he was already sleeping better and his stomach issues have cleared up.
  • TAMMY was diagnosed with chronic fatigue 4.5 years ago and had tried everything to be able to function. After two and a half months taking Laminine, her energy level has increased 10 fold. Her strength is coming back and she's not feeling sick any more. Depression is gone. She's feeling great again!
  • WILLIE thought he was doing well health wise. Now he feels that he's getting even better every day. Used to be a very light sleeper, now he sleeps deeply all the way thru the night. Back pain is gone. He's the only one in his family who is not taking medications. Feeling great.
  • DAVE reports major improvement with chronic tendonitis / plantar fasciitis. After 3 weeks taking Laminine, it is virtually gone. He has tried many different therapies and soaks. This is the only thing that has made a difference.
  • DAVID has been in the health field for many years and has taken a lot of products. An athlete, he suffered a knee injury while playing squash. Laminine has finally helped his knee fully recover. He's moving like a young person again. Laminine has also taken his game to a new level.
  • MARY LOU works in the field of Energy Psychology and was originally interested for her clients who are on anti-depressants. She was very surprised on 9th day or so when she experienced a big increase in mental clarity and euphoria. It-s our birthright to feel this good! She-s also finding food tastes better than ever and she'’s satiated with half of what she used to eat.
  • DAVID shares that 35-40 minutes after taking his first dose of Laminine he felt very tired. He never slept well after coming back from Vietnam. He can't believe how well he's sleeping now & wakes up feeling refreshed. He has also had muscle spasms for 17 years, so badly he'd sometimes wakes up screaming. He has had chiropractic treatment, cortisone shots and more. And though he doubted, within the first 24 hours the difference was astounding… and no more cramps.
  • VINCENT is totally sold on Laminine. He has had blood sugar issues for some years. The medications his doctor had him on affected his bowels… sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhea. He learned about Laminine and after a short time saw his glucose levels normalize and no longer needs to take medications.




  • NORA – Shares how in her 4th month using Laminine she's starting to dream again. She's seeing memory improving and has more energy. About 10-15 minutes after taking Laminine, she feels a tingling on her back and no longer has back pain. She loves the product.
  • JACKIE – Tells us about what she's experiencing as she begins her 5th month. She is shedding lb, sleeping better and has more energy. Even her cat is benefiting from Laminine. She also is remembering dreams. Finding her energy level is very impressive. Amazing product!
  • EMELIE – Emotional benefits were immediately most impressive for her. On the mental side, she's seen meaningful memory improvement. Can feel that her brain is working better and mind chatter has quieted. Truly heaven on earth to live without stress! She is loving Laminine for so many reasons.




  • DAVID – Started Laminine 4 weeks ago. Has had chronic Tendonitis / Plantar Fasciitis or several years; now it's going away.
  • DAVID G. – Had a major heart attack several months ago. Introduced to Laminine just over a month ago. He's sleeping & stabilizing now and living normal life again. While still on meds, he's already seeing tremendous improvement.
  • CATRINA – Using for 4 months. Continually seeing imrovements; most recently became aware of short term memory improvement. Biggest impact has been that within 4 days of starting depression dissipated and has experienced an ongoing sense of well-being and emotional balance. Mental clarity continues to improve, sleeping better waking up refreshed.
  • EMMA – 88 years old. Was waking up every 2 hours at night & having a hard time getting back to sleep. She is sleeping better. Blood sugar & blood pressure are normalizing. Most recently realized that her sense of smell has returned.
  • SUSAN – Has had Restless Leg Syndrome for years. Laminine has eliminated this completely. Used to be she couldn't eat/drink after 7pm or it would make it worse. Now she's thrilled that this is no longer an issue and she can enjoy ice cream at night again w/ her kids.




  • MARY shares how Laminine has changed her life in so many ways. With her husband losing his corporate job and savings going fast, she knew she had to find a way to supplement family income. Searching for something she could do from home, she came across a website online talking about Laminine. She got started with the product and the first thing that happened was she slept thru night for first time in 10 years!! She now gets 8-9 hours restful sleep. Next, she saw blood sugar levels coming down to normal range. Car accident injuries kept her on pain killers for years, which started to affect her liver, sometimes so painfully that she'd just sit and cry. Sometimes just eating would cause her liver to go into spasms. Since starting Laminine, her liver is not hurting any more and she can eat again! Her pain level has been huge for 10 years. So much so that she didn't have any quality of life, couldn't get out of bed every day, couldn't be w/ her children. Thanks to Laminine, she's able to enjoy her children & has her life back. She's now on a mission to tell everyone about Laminine. You must listen to this call to hear all the details of her story!




  • VINCENT started taking Laminine on October 1st. He has a long standing blood sugar imbalance, w/ high glucose numbers. After 2 weeks he was seeing his numbers declining and has been maintaining normalized numbers since then. His Doctor tells him his blood pressure is down 30 points and he's had improvement to a hearing deficit, as well. Only thing he's doing differently is taking Laminine. He's in for the long haul.
  • DAVID has been playing sports for years. Sustained a knee injury in a Squash Tournament that tore the meniscus; and, ever since then when he plays, every so often his knee just gives in. Since starting Laminine his knee is solid and moving smoothly again. This is a high impact product.
    MARY has been trying to get Black Mold out of her system for months. As a side affect of the mold she also developed chronic fatigue. She had to radically change her diet. She started Laminine and, even when she transgresses on her diet once in a while, she no longer has mold symptoms. Her strength is back and chronic fatigue is much better after only 2 weeks
    BONNIE originally wanted to try Laminine to see if it would help with short term memory. Not only was her memory better after just 5 days, but she's sleeping more soundly than ever before. She's also experiencing much improved focus (no more ADD) and low-grade depression is gone. Her dog has health problems for which she has used both veterinary & health products. Nothing helped with the yeast infection on her dog's ear. With 1 capsule a day the ear infection is gone.
    CAROL has been taking Laminine for 2 months and has seen much improved clarity in thinking & focus. Loves Laminine.




  • MARYLOU has been taking Laminine since mid-October and felt beneficial effects by 9th day. Recently put to the test being on a sequestered jury, on a very intense trial, for 11 days / 10 nights. She reports being able to stay emotionally grounded and mentally focused and present throughout the trial. Thanks to Laminine, she was able to manage a high stress situation and to go thru a very intense process w/ emotional balance intact. Laminine just gets better & better!
  • BILL shares about noticing better concentration after short time of beginning Laminine use. He's also experiencing better sleep, improved prostate health and dental pain is gone. He's finding he's having benefits he's not even expecting. He is very happy to have found Laminine.
  • EMELIE experienced an energetic calm right away upon starting Laminine. Living without stress is like heaven on earth! She is extremely impressed with the mental / emotional balancing aspects of the product. She's noticing that her brain is working better, with evident increase in mental focus.
  • ERIC stepped on a nail that went through his shoe and was subsequently unable to feel the top of his foot. Laminine has helped in restoring feeling. He's also seen other physical and emotional benefits. Laminine has also had beneficial impact on debilitating neurological issues. He also shares about improvement with a family dog's hip dysplasia & allergy issues.
  • JANE (Scotland) – Chiropractor. Shares about a Parkinson's patient having remarkable results after just 2 weeks on Laminine. And about another with Fibromyalgia who experienced major significant pain relief after just 2 days! Laminine supports the body to better retain the benefit of chiropractic treatments




  • Bill shares even though he's a cynic and didn't want Laminine to work for him, because he didn't want to be disappointed again. After taking for some time he suddenly realized that his memory was significantly improved. Now he has more focus, more comfort in his body, can hear a difference in his own voice and feels an energy in heart he hasn't felt in long time. Thought he was feeling best possible; didn't know he could feel so much better. Dreams have gotten bigger again, thanks to laminine.
  • Tammy started Laminine 7 weeks ago. Diagnosed some time ago with chronic fatigue brought on by stress. She's been attentive to nutrition and diet for several years out of necessity. Thought she was feeling as good as she could. Didn't expect much. Hasn't had energy to run up stairs, play w/ dog, go to parties, engage w/ life in a long time. Now she can do all that and more! This has been a game changer for her. Thankful for Laminine.




  • Vincent shares about his blood sugar issues and how Laminine has allowed him to achieve balance. Monitors daily and his blood sugar is stable now. Improved focus & energy has impacted his golf game for the better, as well.
  • Tom reports that inflammation in joints is almost gone and golf game improved. Acid reflux symptoms no longer an issue. Concentration & focus is through the roof! At 61and going back to college, he is on top of it! Totally impressed!!
  • Wellness-Longevity Coach, Shari-Louise, 70, shares her story of a fall injury from which she recovered with remarkable speed. Very impressed with Laminine.
  • Willie has been taking Laminine since mid-October. Saw a difference within 3 days of starting. First thing he noticed was how great he felt in the morning. The littlest thing used to wake him up; sleeps through the night now and wakes up refreshed, ready to start the day. Plans to take Laminine as long as he can breathe!




  • Wellness-Longevity Coach, Shari-Louise, 70, shares amazing recovery from an extremely painful fall-related injury. Pain gone in 5-10 minutes; next morning could barely find where the injury was. Stress totally gone, even when dealing with challenging issues. Amazing product!!
  • Juanita has had excruciating headaches for many years, multiple times weekly. No one could find reason why, even with many EMRs & other tests. Started 2/day w/ Laminine, within 1 week headaches were fewer, 4/day no headaches in 64 days! So happy!! Finally something that works.




  • Phyllis shares information from her professional background on Growth Factor Research. FGF is operative element in Laminine. Such broad benefits that science calls FGF “Jack of All Trades”. Published Clinical Studies show that the physical mental & emotional impact is very real.
  • Carol noticed deep, restful wonderful sleep in first 3 days on product. Has more energy & strength when she walks. Able to handle emotional stress with greater ease. Grateful to have found this product. Dog takes ½ capsule daily & has more energy.
  • Catrina continues to be impressed with product, starting 4th month and feels deepening benefits of continued use. Increasing mental clarity & focus. Depression is a thing of the past. Will be using Laminine long-term.




  • Phil talks about his enlarged prostate issue. Also, a tooth problem and more alert.
  • Amy (Phil's 9 year old granddaughter) shares she had stomach pain all the time and it feels much better now.
  • Emelie shares about her changes since starting to take it 4 months ago. She also shares her observation of her "gaming" son's positive changes.




  • Debbie's dog has a bacteria of the spinal cord – he's was a very active boxer, has more energy. She sleeps better, has more energy too, inner peace.
  • Bonnie shares her dog started having seizures about once a month, it's been 3 months without them. Was always skittish and didn't smile much – which has changed. She got her hair cut and was told her hair is getting thicker. Not having senior moments.
  • Janet shares she is losing less and less hair when washing it. She plays tennis and doesn't ache as much. Along with focus.




  • Phyllis shares she was tired, didn't sleep through the night, muscles ached, was weaker, sustained an injury, receeding gums…
  • Dr. Jack Herd's wife Barbara shares she was detoxing and not drinking enough water and started to feel so much better. Feeling extra energy.
  • Emelie shares being in the moment even during the holiday stress. Also, the changes in her children.




  • Paddy has 20+ years experience in alternative medicine working with Doctors and research. Following day she had the same feeling as walking on the beach.
  • Pat has a 9 year dog name Brownie whose back legs went out on her.
  • Emelie shares her story of mental and emotional changes.




  • Mary Lou talks about how different her mind is working, energy and enthusiasm for life.
  • Emma shares she's 88 and was about to tell her son he should think about putting her & her husband in a home…, blood sugars drop, better for me to just say listen to this testimonial.
  • Catrina shares about bouts of depression, engaging with life again, waking up feeling refreshed.




  • Karen shares about her dog's energy changed, other dog back part isn't wobbling as much, Karen is also experiencing no pain in her back.
  • Emma shares husband's blood pressure is 129/59, her blood sugar went from 122 to 70's and they are busy cleaning – she's 88!!
  • Russ had a heart attack 2 years ago, has a pacemaker, they were talking about shocking his heart due to AFib, told it was impossible for it to go away without shocking his heart….




  • Joanne's injury caused her to have tingling and numbness in her right hand, losing weight, hands & feet are no longer cold
  • Russ had a heart attack 2 years ago, has a pacemaker, slept 11 hours the first night, toe that had no feeling starts feeling again, had AFib, heart rate is 76 even though pacemaker is set at 70….




  • Jim had an MRI 2 1/2 years ago and was referred to have a surgeon do work on a bulging disc. He has no pain, started using his rebounder.
  • Lee right eye retina started to tear and had emergency surgery. Had a very large blurry spot. blood clot has resolved itself and vision is almost totally clear now.
  • Debbie has a 12 year old son she is home schooling and he is now totally cooperative and paying attention to school.




  • Sarah has multiple aspects of improvement – not forgetting where she was, can multitask, emotional clarity.
  • Henry had blood pressure problems for about 8 years, lower end of blood pressure to a point that his doctor says he is okay. Also, both shoulders were painful when raising them over his head.
  • Catrina shares about stress, intense depression and lack of motivation. Feeling satified with less food at meal time.
  • Jackie has most incredible night sleep, even energy all day long and lost 15 lbs without changing anything.
  • Emelie's mind chatter slows down and has a energetic calm with clarity.




  • Emma shares Russ's blood pressure goes from 156/90 to 133/69 and her's went from 139/69 to 115/59. Her blood sugar was about 122 to 72 the last 2 nights even with candy bar for Halloween. She's a young 88 year old and things are coming back to her.
  • Bonnie sleeps like a baby, a chronic pain in neck from whiplash is about 96% gone, focus is so much better, dog is no longer falling down and tripping.
  • Piero shares the big thing is he no longer takes the middle of the night trips to the bathroom. Aches and pains are gone. No cravings for sweets either and lost about 7 lbs.
  • Helen was getting up 3-4 times per night and is down to twice per night. She had irregular heart beats and doesn't have that hardly any more.
  • Dr. Steve Petrosino shares his perspective on nutritional science in the natural form. Was skeptical about too many benefits in too many areas at first until he delved into it more…




  • Dr. Steve Petrosino talks about FibroBlast Growth Factor, collagen, along with what laminine does.
  • Vincent shares how his golfing is improving and belt went down a couple of notches.
  • Catrina shares about depression and how much better she feels. Also, wakes up refreshed and food experiences changing.
  • Jackie notices an amazing night sleep, waking up ready to go, sinus is wide open, knee pain disappears, consistent even energy all day long, focus improved and lost 15 lbs.
  • Tom is singing in the car, sleeping better
  • John shares about product adaptability and it being a functional food.




  • Dr. Jack Herd talks about muscle testing, changes noticed and sizzle to the product.
  • Dr. Steve Petrosino talks about cortisol and mechanism to bring back into balance. How cortisol protects us and damages us.
  • Dr. Ken is a 88 year old retired dentist and shares health issues with Pneumonia, weak had to walk with a walker, feels like he is running now when out for his walk and doesn't feel tired after. Sleeps like a baby. Lost weight too.
  • Jim is a care giver and gets up at least every hour so is sleep deprived. When running he was dragging his way through it – now feels really good during the run and recovers fast.
  • Bonnie shares about her daughter's 5 year old boxer with an infection in his spine walking like a 12 year old – now he's 7 years old and playing again.
  • Cory shares positive thoughts about future and energy with complete focus.




  • Dr. Shelva shares factors that need to be understood about FibroBlast Growth Factor, peptides and amino acids. She also shares about detoxing and a healing crisis.
  • Cheryl had to go through radiation treatment, also had a MRI and just got the all clear call.
  • Ruth Ann popping out of bed 1 1/2 hours earlier ready for the day, felt funny in the head but her brain is back, backache disappears.
  • Loria slimmed down around middle, skin is softer, hair isn't dry any more. Neighbor's cat is back.




  • Phyllis talks about FibroBlast Growth Factor and how it is like the recipe and the ingredients…
  • Cheryl shares years of stress causes inbalance in her body, treatments, feeling lousy, tired, no endurance, endurance is back – making a meal, cleaning kitchen, doing laundry…
  • Jackie had the most incredible night sleep, sinus clear, energy, knee pain, focus.

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  • Catrina shares brain resuscitation for depression
  • John shares about the 11 clinical studies
  • Dr. Shelva had several WOW factors that hit her, one being working on the scar that is there – listen to the Doctors Corner call on 10/20/11 for more information.
  • Vincent shares belt down a notch and golf score improving
  • Piero shares he lived a reckless lifestyle, lost 7 lbs in 9 days, lost sugar & ice cream cravings, upped to 6 per day and serious pain is gone, passing stones, is dreaming incredible dreams, no more middle of night bathroom trips…




  • Dr. shares about soaring energy level, ringing in ears dissipating
  • Piero shares upping his dose, throbbing, sleep, cravings for sweets gone, eats less, losing weight
  • John shares how the body is the healer when presented with the right "groceries"
  • Emelie shares about her mental and emotional benefits




  • Phyllis talks about FibroBlast Growth Factor and her over 10 year history with growth factors, youthing instead of aging
  • Vincent's energy is going through the roof
  • Jim recalls what he was talking about and got back on track
  • Darlema pain reduction




  • Phyllis talks about Fibroblast growth factor, her knowledge about it along with her amazing story
  • Catrina shares about depression, mental clarity, feeling refreshed
  • Lee is feeling different, sleeping well, calmer
  • Emelie note taking, reading with confidence, energetic calm with clarity




  • Emelie shares her memory and taking notes experience, and more
  • Phyllis talks about Fibroblast growth factor, a severe injury, limp, neck tightening up, and so much more it's a must listen to
  • Pat experiences a little bit of everything above, slept better – deeper,
  • Emelie from New Jersey shares about her husband's prostate and more urine coming out, she's walking straight and very excited




  • John shares his laminine experience – energy, mental focus, endurance, strength, and more
  • Emelie shares her laminine story and being happy without the stress
  • Jackie talks about incredible sleep, sinus drainage, energy
  • Listen to Ann talk about her scratchy throat, runny nose
  • and more…

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