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Laminine Omega +++ And Bone Health

Laminine Omega +++ and Bone Health

The American Health journal is brought to you by the national health care media organization bringing the latest and health care education to the American home this program is being brought to you in part by med movie illustrating life powerful visuals for health and medicine the American Health journal bringing you the latest information on medicine psychology diagnosis treatment and prevention this week the American Health journal presents a special report discoveries in alternative medicine hello and welcome to the American health journals discoveries and alternative medicine.

I’m your host Chris long high blood pressure dry eyes sleeplessness poor skin quality mood swings and learning disabilities what might all of these seemingly unrelated issues have in common well on today’s special edition of the American Health journal we will learn about health complaints that could be associated with a poorly functioning circulatory system research is showing the benefits of a blend of ingredients that can support the circulatory system one study has shown that these natural ingredients used in combination could be the answer to a variety of health concerns.

Now on discoveries in alternative medicine the circulatory system permits blood to circulate and transport nutrients to and from cells in the body to nourish it and help fight disease we interviewed dr. Edward Andujar a researcher of clinical trials physician Nicholas Georgie a specialist in chronic disease management dr. mahir parikh a corneal surgeon dr. Jack heard a chiropractor who specializes in sports nutrition and esthetician Annette Richardson up first dr. Edward Andujar a clinical researcher and clinical trials investigator for life farm global network explains the progression of our circulatory health when we’re children we have vessels that are completely clean as we grow up and Tina as teenagers we you know start with the pizza and the hamburgers and the vessel start to caulk and then by the time you’re 50 or 60 they can be totally closed this is a process that occurs in all Americans it’s really crucial for patients who want to live longer and they want to live better they want to slow down the aging process as much as they possibly can to have really good circulation.

Circulation is key in fact one of the main reasons why we experience the negative effects of aging and and and have more problems as time goes on is because we have poor circulation and so everything that we can do to help every part of our body the vital organs our skin our muscles or joints have better circulation that leads to better health and longer health and a better life poor circulation eventually causes the vessels to get completely clogged and of course.

When they’re completely clogged if it happens in your heart it’s a heart attack if it happens in your in your brain then it’s a stroke circulatory problems are a huge issue in our culture today people that have circulatory problems often have a cold feet it may be a result of diabetes where the circulation becomes affected and also that will affect the heart in the brain also there’s even evidence now with circulation as far as the dementia type diseases that folks in their late Middle Ages are beginning to have assigns a poor circulatory health are the usual ones that chest pain shortness of breath feeling like you know you’re overly tired because the circulation is not getting to work has to go and with the brain it’s also headaches your eye is one of the most vascular systems of the body your retinas bathe in blood and the supply of the blood the blood comes from your heart through your carotid and facial arteries and so any as your heart goes your eye goes is.

What I tell patients dry eye is a condition that many patients have that can make you feel very uncomfortable it can cause blurring to the vision it can cause redness irritation patients who are dry eyes can be frankly miserable and we try to do everything we can to treat their dry eyes aggressively the importance of the circulatory system in maintaining healthy skin is this if you have a productive circulatory system number one you’re not going to have a stagnant fat cell you’re going to tend to be thinner you’re going to have more oxygen delivery system in your skin your skin is going to look healthier and have that younger looking glow so if you have a good circulatory system that means your eye is getting plenty of nutrition from the blood supply to the eye and that’s what will keep the eye healthy it’s something that we have to do about do something about with a supplement or have a bypass at some point you’re watching the American Health journal the show that brings you the latest information on prevention diagnosis treatment and research from doctors throughout the United States watch the American Health journal each week on this public television station welcome back we asked about lifestyle choices and the nutrients that support a healthy circulatory system with some Americans unable to get proper nutrients through diet we wanted to know which ingredients and supplements can help fill in the gaps so trying to just zero in with just prescription medicines to solve your health particularly as it relates to cardiovascular health is a big mistake it’s important to have more of a holistic approach have whole supplementation with different supplements that naturally occur in nature so that you’re getting the full benefit rather than assuming we know everything and knowing exactly what medication to give because in reality these supplements help us in ways that we still haven’t discovered yet.

There are several things that folks can do to in a natural way to improve their circulation one is to of course work at limiting the saturated fat and trans fatty acids another important one is to do exercise we live in a culture where a lot of folks watch more TV and set around and don’t exercise and I had a doctor say to me one time the folks just walked a mile a day with their dogs that would actually increase our circulation alone it’s very important that in addition to hell the eating and exercise and helping your overall wellness and health that you add some supplementation’s in our modern diet we don’t get all that we need and so some supplementation that’s customized to the individual is crucial and I highly recommend using the omega fatty acids is just omega three six and nine to help with anti-oxidation and circulation I also recommend using coenzyme q10 because that reduces the problems that we see with the free radicals that damage our tissues and then also we highly recommend using vitamin k2 because vitamin k2 really helps us to have better circulation and the proper type of clotting that’s necessary for good circulation and and avoid bruising and other damage to tissues looking at each of these ingredients more closely beginning with a nutrient that most people have heard of omegas.


Dr. Damien Plouffe of nvision laser eye centers explains the importance of omegas generally when i’m doing a consultation i’ll say that omega-3s have benefits for your hair brain nails blood pressure cholesterol mood joints skin and dry eye so they don’t really question on why I’m prescribing this supplement and I say prescribe because it’s actually a very powerful supplement it has large benefits for dry eye patient’s medications are an extremely important way of treating dry eyes with either over-the-counter or prescription medications however I always tell the patients the best way to treat your dryness is just make sure your nutrition you have good nutritional balance and there’s been extensive research and data that shows that omega-3 fatty acids improves your dry eyes by decreasing the inflammatory cascade or the amount of inflammation that your eyes have and therefore increasing your tear film in your eye a lot of people wonder about omega fatty acids and which ones are important well the crucial ones are omega-3 omega-6 and Omega the key ones the key omega fatty acids that help improve circulation and help to reduce the negative effects of aging on our blood vessels that inhibit good healthy tissues and good healthy life I personal take my omega-3 s by eating fish I enjoyed eating fish I eat at two to three times a week however some patients either don’t eat fish or they don’t want to eat that much fish so I would then recommend taking a oh meghan 3 supplement the advantage of taking omega-3 supplement is then sometimes it’s paired with other products that can also help your system there are for example mega three products that can have Co Q 10 or vitamin k2 that’s mixed in with the omega-3 and now all of a sudden you’re getting several benefits just besides the omega-3 by taking that pill omegas are thought to improve symptoms of depression and also bipolar disorder they’re supposed to improve lipid profiles possibly decrease the chance of cardiovascular disease and diabetics.

They can improve kind of cardio or i should say vascular performance and maybe decrease insulin resistance they’re definitely anti-inflammatory effects are beneficial for patients with autoimmune or inflammatory conditions such as arthritis Crohn’s disease lupus psoriasis and possibly maybe even sjogren’s in fission works with over 1,700 primary care I doctors that are in our network and it’s our mission to educate them on the latest technologies and that includes supplementation with supplements such as omega-3s to make sure we preserve overall health including eye health one of the great things about taking omega-3 is in addition to helping your dryness in your eyes is it actually improves other parts of your body as well improves your circulatory health has been shown to decrease your LDL levels improve your triglyceride levels it increases your blood circulation therefore by improving that cholesterol level because you have better arteries or openings for the blood to travel it’s been shown in some studies to lower your blood pressure it can also have benefits on your brain or your overall brain health it also has been shown to help some patients in their skin conditions and then of course there’s been a lot of research that shows that it helps your joints and bone conditions because it decreases your inflammation in your body in general omega fatty acids play a key role in skin health number one they help reverse sun damage they also help the skin with cellular turnover so that the skin is more elastic and it also responds better and it looks better it gives it more of a plumpness when we come back we’ll look at important nutrients that unlike omegas are not well known but equally important in supporting the circulatory system including coq10 vitamin k2 and fibroblast growth factor.

Join the American Health journal on Facebook search for American Health journal welcome back we’re learning about how supplements can aid in circulatory system repair let’s continue with one that people are beginning to talk about coenzyme q10 the benefits of coenzyme q10 are remarkable they help with the blood pressure and so by relieving the blood pressure and not letting it go too high it allows the circulation to move smoother it’s really important to understand that the supplementation with coenzyme q10 helps to reduce the oxidation and free radicals these are these bad chemicals that actually damage our tissue damage our DNA damage the repair mechanisms that help us stay young and stay healthy the importance of coenzyme q10 is number one it neutralizes free radicals in the cell structure so it’s an electron transporter and you need it because as you age you lose it you just don’t have the abundance of it like you did when you were in your 20s so it’s important to supplement it because it helps neutralize all those free radicals and all that damage that we’ve been doing to our skin over the years another vitamin being considered for good circulatory and general health is vitamin k2 vitamin k2 is involved in circulation in the clotting mechanism if your clotting mechanism is is malfunctioning or you don’t have enough vitamin k2 you’re going to have problems with circulation so it’s crucial that you supplement vitamin k2 to help your body clot properly when it needs to and not clot when it shouldn’t clot and inhibit circulation vitamin k2 is important mainly for elastin because it helps restrict the calcification of our elastin fibers the health benefits of vitamin k2 are amazing and it is a mild coagulant like vitamin k1 which is what people know as vitamin K but vitamin k2 is awesome because it takes the calcium that could lay on the inner part of the vessel and stops it from depositing there and instead takes that calcium and puts it in the bones and puts in your teeth you’re watching the American Health journal the show that brings you the latest information on prevention diagnosis treatment and research from doctors throughout the United States.

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