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What Causes Diabetes – Possible Complications of Type 2 Diabetes

Laminine on diabetes by Dr. Andjuar and Dr. MartinWhat causes diabetes mellitus is still being researched vigorously by scientists all over the world. Diabetes mellitus is a disease which affects mainly adults and children. The symptoms of diabetes include having higher than average blood pressure, urinating more than normal, weight loss, slow pulse and vision loss. This type of diabetes usually develops if someone has their pancreas damaged.

Studies have shown that obesity, being overweight, lack of physical activity and unhealthy diet are the major contributing factors to diabetes. A study carried out in Finland indicated that there is a direct relation between the duration of diabetes and your genetic risk factors for diabetes. So if you have parents who have suffered from diabetes, then you are more likely to develop it yourself through genes.

Another factor which has been shown to affect the risk of developing diabetes mellitus is an imbalance in the production of glucose in the body. Glucose, a simple sugar, is used by the body to produce energy. When there is an insufficient amount of glucose in the bloodstream or in the cells, the insulin produced cannot properly act upon the energy needs of the cells. This causes the cells to become stressed and over work to break down sugar to provide the body with energy. When too much glucose is produced, this leads to an imbalance in the blood sugar levels and can result in diabetes.

Being overweight has also been shown to be one of the risk factors for diabetes. Studies have shown that obese people are at greater risk of diabetes than those who are physically fit. So if you are overweight and have had some symptoms such as persistent headaches, tiredness or dizziness, headaches which occur after meals, persistent skin problems, blurred vision, raised blood pressure or any other symptoms that could suggest an imbalance in your blood sugar levels, you should get yourself checked out by your doctor to see if you may have diabetes.

There are many other factors which could lead to the onset of diabetes and are related to the genetics of the individual. These include being diabetic during pregnancy, obesity, family medical history, gender, race and heredity. One of the most common symptoms of diabetes is a constant sensation of thirst. While these types of symptoms are often ignored and thought of as normal aging symptoms, they should never be overlooked because of their importance in diagnosing diabetes. While not always the case, women are diagnosed with diabetes earlier and treated with drugs and other methods than men are.

The second question often asked is what causes diabetes. There is no known cause of diabetes, however, a number of diseases and conditions have been linked to the disease. Diabetes is believed to be a disease that runs in families and can be inherited. Risk factors for diabetes include being born with a defective gene, obesity, having too low or too high blood sugar levels, diabetic parents and being born outside of the month of the woman’s menstrual cycle.

A group of patients that we picked from were patients that were pre-diabetic measured by what’s called hemoglobin a1c which is now the golden standard for diabetes. Half we put them in the Placebo group and half we put in the Laminine group.


Amazingly enough, the placebo group the actual hemoglobin a1c went up which means they moved to the diabetic group and then the pre-diabetic that was taking Laminine, they all went down which was amazing that a dietary supplement could lower the sugar as much as many medications we work with.

Clinical applications of research in cellular biology are research pieces that come to us from across the world we then apply them clinically we do studies and we do actual we actually treat patients that need these applications.

Laminine is a regulator of blood sugar like many other drugs that are on the market or complex proteins it controls the fluctuation in blood sugar so that we don’t get wild roller coastering of blood sugar and insulin levels.

We’re very fortunate that to have Laminine as a contributor to controlling blood sugar. The American Health journal is brought to you by the national healthcare media organization bringing the latest in health care education to the American home.

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