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Healthy Cells, Healthy You with Janet Walker
OMNIA for skin you'll love... from the INSIDE OUT!

Throughout history, soft and smooth skin has been a measure of youth, beauty and status. But the skin’s most important functions are our body’s protection, regulation and sensation. So while topical creams and serums, like LifePharm’s Lamiderm Ap…

Please Listen to the podcast above and/or read the podcast transcript below. This Podcast talks about OMNIA. Regular use offers you better skin health in many ways, like… Beautiful Smooth Face Skin fewer wrinkles, Smoother skin texture, More youthful appearance, Noticeable radiance, Promotes ideal texture and moisture level of aging skin, Improves skin conditions, Supports glowing and healthy skin, Helps promote healthy skin cell regeneration, Contains necessary minerals for face… hair and nail health, Protects from environmental damage and biological aging for Smooth Skin Texture.

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Author and activist Marty Rubin wrote, it’s no small thing to feel the warmth of the sun on one skin. And while soaking up some rays can brighten your day and lighten your mood, help you produce vitamin D, improve your sleep, and even lower blood pressure and improve heart health, too much sun and environmental exposure can be damaging in the short term and in the long term to your skin. Throughout history, soft and smooth skin has been a measure of youth, beauty and status. But the skin’s most important functions are our bodies’ protection, regulation and sensation. So while topical creams and serums like LifePharm’s LAMIDERM Apex can help replace lost moisture and heal skin from the outside in. Healthy Skin also needs nutritional support that will keep our skin youthful and healthy, and heal our skin from the inside out.

Janet Walker 00:59

Welcome everyone, to Healthy Cells Healthy You. I’m your host, Janet Walker. I’ve been working in the health care community for 30 years and for 16 of those years, I’ve been a writer and producer for the award winning national PBS Health Information Programs, American Health Journal, and Innovations in medicine. We’ve interviewed 1000s of doctors, scientists and researchers on every topic related to health medicine and medical technology. You can watch current episodes of innovations in medicine on your local PBS channel, where you can stream our programs on the American Health Journal channel, the better health channel and TV healthy kids. This podcast is sponsored by the good folks at LifePharm Incorporated, a company whose innovative cellular repair products are backed by extensive science, research and clinical studies.

Janet Walker 01:49

Today, I’m so happy to have Dr. Erna Wong back with me to talk about Omnia, a nutritional capsule that heals and promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. Dr. Wong is a board-certified medical practitioner that has worked in the healthcare field for over 30 years. She’s also a researcher and a Scientific Advisory Board Member for LifePharm, advising and educating about the products that bring together ingredients from around the world to create blends that promote cellular repair for health and longevity. Welcome back, Dr. Wong. It’s so good to see you again.

Erna Wong, MD 02:22

Very good to see you. It’s such a pleasure to share the product that we have

Janet Walker

Let’s learn about skin protection and talk about Omnia. Now we hear a lot about sun damage and other environmental factors aging skin, but nutritional support is often overlooked. Why is good nutrition so important for good skin?

Erna Wong, MD

Well, if you understand the building blocks of anything is critical – without the building blocks you can’t build. So nutrients are offering our body, every single part of our body needs nutrients, that is what it’s coming from, that you need the building blocks, whether it be protein, it could be carbohydrates, fats, and minerals and vitamins. So if you’re trying to bake a cake, and you don’t have the ingredients then you’re not gonna have a cake. So if your skin needs oils, needs, protein needs, vitamins and minerals, you’re not gonna have good skin if you don’t have the whole recipe. That’s how I would describe it.

Janet Walker

Let’s talk specifically about Omnia and the ingredients in the supplement. Okay, first is their core ingredient, which is the foundation of many of their supplements. And it’s that egg bioactive growth factor. What is FGF? Or egg bioactive growth factor? And what’s the role in this supplement of that ingredient?

Erna Wong, MD 04:01

I think it’s in that word itself. bioactive growth factor. If you don’t grow, you’re not going to go anywhere. Yeah, it’s like having an egg and just sitting there. So the growth factor is really important in this a growth factor because it provides essential ingredients like the collagen, elastin and Fibronectin that that makes your skin. So really you need essential components to be able to grow your skin.

Janet Walker 04:20

And then what exactly is this ingredient? How is it derived? Because it is really key to a lot of the supplements that LifePharm manufactures.

Erna Wong, MD 04:32

It comes from the words they share. It’s a It’s chick embryo that they use to extract the active ingredient that growth factor or the FGF and then from that they isolated to be able to put into their product that when you consume it, it is affording your body that growth factor. Which, without again, you wouldn’t be able to produce those elements essential for skin production.

Janet Walker

And as I understand it, it’s extracted at the ninth day of fertilization, which is when the egg has all of the elements for life

Erna Wong, MD

In the development from an embryo, the different stages determine what the next step is, it’s kind of like your architectural blueprint, you have to lay the foundation and then you pour, or you put up the scaffolding for the framing of the house. So there’s timing. And so the timing of when that embryo is that that nine day it has now certain components that’s there to go to the next step. I think that’s what’s important to understand that timing is critical for things happening, because you go step by step, you certainly wouldn’t put the framing of the house without the foundation, your house would not be able to stand. So you’re exactly right, that the ninth day with the embryo is there for them to quote unquote, harvest or take that FGF. That environment is providing what is necessary for the FGF to be there to begin with. Because if you had the egg at the first day, it’s not there.

Janet Walker

It really is a unique and kind of amazing ingredient. And having a discussion about these growth factors, we should probably talk about telomeres the importance of telomeres and how this ingredient impacts telomeres.

Erna Wong, MD

Absolutely, I tried to describe it’d be nice to have a picture. Telomeres are kind of like the caps on the ends of your shoelaces. So these are the caps on the end of your very critical your DNA. Your DNA is your blueprint, and I describe what happens that the cap comes off your shoelaces, it unwinds and unravels. And now it’s difficult for you to put that shoelace through your shoe holes to tie your shoes. Correct. To put that through, at least, through lacing through your shoe. Likewise, with the DNA, if you unravel it, then you’re not having the full function of your DNA to be the blueprint, and tell how your body’s supposed to make this and that. So this is why the telomere is very critical. If you don’t have the telomere cap, either too short or missing. Then in truth, the DNA is not functioning in the DNA is critical for the cell wellbeing survival. So people have demonstrated that when you’re having a shortened or missing telomere, you’re actually aging, your cells are dying. So I like that comparison, that visual that can see the shoelace within an plastic cap that somebody may have made it very helpful for us to lease our shoes, then the equivalent is your DNA, which is double stranded if you know and understand they have a pattern to it or structure. And if it otherwise, it doesn’t work.

Janet Walker

So then how does the FGF ingredient impact the health of our telomeres?

Erna Wong, MD

It is playing an important function to help the telomere not shown to be in, in a sense, intact, so that your DNA is healthy, and therefore your cells are healthy and not going to suffer cell death, for instance. So this is where the FGF is a critical role has a critical role in helping you tell them it’s not showing me or to fall off, for instance.

Janet Walker 08:53

So then the FGF ingredient in Omnia is not just good for skin, hair and nails, but actually good for other functions of the body.

Erna Wong, MD

It’s just not isolating its function to your skin itself. But think about it. All cells need active ingredients or critical elements to be able to make that cell. I mean, when it comes down to it, all cells share the common thing or common factor. They all have DNA. In order to make it you need a blueprint without the blueprint. It’s like without a recipe. How do you know how to make a cookie or cake? Or you can make a mistake and you end up making lasagna when you wanted a cake? Right? Right? So it’s really critical that the DNA be preserved as perfectly as it can be? And therefore right you’re correct FGF is in all of their products for a good reason. It’s so critical. If you don’t have oxygyn, you’re gonna die, if you don’t have to FGM the cells aren’t going to grow. It’s not living Correct?

Janet Walker 10:00

Makes sense. Let’s move on to the next ingredient in the product, which is spirulina. And I think that’s an ingredient that most people aren’t familiar with. What is spirulina? And what is its role in the product?

Erna Wong, MD 10:24

Spirulina is a rich source of a digestible plant protein. And the main thing we all know is antioxidant. People hear it over and over again. I want to describe oxidation. It’s happening like you have a nail in your home. And it’s exposed to the environment oxidation. What happens? it rusts? Is that a healthy nail right? Or not a healthy nail? So that’s oxidation, literally. So if you imagine your body is like a nail, and then it’s being oxidized, what is it doing? It’s decaying, it’s wearing down, it’s rusting. And therefore you have disease and you don’t have healthy body healthy cells.

Janet Walker

That’s a great analogy.

Erna Wong, MD

I love to share things that people are familiar with. Because sometimes it’s hard for people who don’t know biology to understand. So I want you to be able to see it as something you are familiar, you’ve gone out and see your car rusting, or a bike rusting, that’s oxidation, your metal or whatever is being worn down, it’s not going to last long after matter of fact, with time that meal will break, it’s amazing. That rusting of the nail ends up becoming so thin and losing that nail, your structure’s gonna fall, right? You have no nail to hold the wood together, those two pieces of wood are going to fall apart. So likewise us, we have a rusty joint, our joints going to fall apart your knee and your leg is going to separate because there’s no nail to hold it together.

Janet Walker

Make sense. And yet normally, when we hear about antioxidants, we hear about blueberries and spinach. But spirulina is something new.

Erna Wong, MD

It’s not new, this is the saddest part, I want to share that modern medicine, Western medicine, has pushed aside so many things that are natural. You think about the ocean, let’s say spirulina is in the ocean as well, or something equivalent to animals need to come on land. And you know, animals in the or life in the ocean do not have disease, because they really have everything they need. Even if you look there are creatures that live forever. You can have a lobster, because of what it has in its body chemicals and so on can live years and years and years. So there are sea creatures if you want sea life, because they have what they need. And they don’t have oxidation, then they don’t wear down the oxidation is a killer in aging us in shortening life, just as the nail gets shortened if it is oxidized. But if you have an antioxidant and keep that nail as brand new as it once was, when it was first formed. What do you have, you have a youthful young nail. So all these products, to tell you the truth, is going to make you look and live young.

Janet Walker 13:35

Nice, nice. Well now in that antioxidant blend that Omnia contains, it’s not just a single ingredient. There are also other ingredients in the blend that help with oxidation. So can you tell us a little bit about the other ingredients that are part of their antioxidant and botanical blend?

Erna Wong, MD

They have the grapeseed extract selenium, zinc and magnesium to help protect from damage because you know, sun damage or other free radicals. It’s interesting. Later on, we should talk about stress. That stress is a real big factor in inflammation in aging.

Erna Wong, MD 14:24

You know there’s the rejuvenation complex that has the hyaluronic acid people share about them. Then you have a fish collagen and l cysteine amino acids. So their rejuvenation complex is important again for the critical elements for skin or even cell health in reality.

Janet Walker 14:50

It sounds like all these ingredient blends are very well thought out.

Erna Wong, MD

Very, very much.

Janet Walker 14:57

And then another ingredient that I was surprised to see in a skin supplement is vitamin B, which I always associated with energy brain health. But Omnia contains a super vitamin B complex. Why is vitamin B important for the skin?

Erna Wong, MD 15:00

Vitamin B complex, there’s quite a few of them. And they really are very critical. A lot of people should study nutrition and would understand that there is even vitamin B that prevents you from having anemia, and very anemic, think about it happens, you don’t have a way to carry oxygen, then again, remember, oxygen is critical. So there’s B 12, that’s part of your blood formation. And then it also B12 can affect your nerves. And you can have issues with defects in the nervous system. And that’s not good, because your mental well being relies on good brain tissue, nervous tissue to function properly. So if you went through all the B1, B2, B3, they all are very critical. So a B complex is very essential.

Janet Walker 16:12

And then the last ingredient I want to talk about is red clover blossoms. So what are red clover blossoms, what do they do?

Erna Wong, MD

They’re improving the moisture content and the makeup of your skin because you know how your skin feels that it’s all dry. Versus if it’s nice and healthy. It’s got the right oils, right hydration. So you don’t want to oily and so on. But just having the right amount of the texture and hydration of your cells is critical. Especially, you know that the skin is the largest organ that protects us. It’s a barrier for infections, and chemicals that comes through and enters our body and destroys us. So we have to have good care and respect for our skin. So if you think about Omnia, why the critical role, is not to let you look youthful. But it literally is keeping you young and healthy and not at risk for death and deterioration. Because it’s the barrier for so many things that you’re exposed to.

Janet Walker


Before we continue to talk about Omnia, I want to pick up on something you just mentioned, which is stress. Tell me why it is so important to minimize stress, if we want healthy skin and healthy hair and healthy nails.

Erna Wong, MD

At a very fundamental part of stress, you actually have a stress hormone that is regulated by your one Organs, your adrenal gland, and releases cortisol. Now it’s important because if you’re under stress, you need help to have like a response to your body, like you’ve heard of fight and flight. Also, you need extra sugars. If you’re going to run you need energy. So cortisol does release sugar. So somebody who takes a manmade cortisol equivalent, some of you may have had prednisone, and it is a cortisol man made equivalent, then you notice your sugar rises, because you need more energy source, if you’re going to be running or trying to deal with stress, but too much of it, it’s sustained too long. Number one, you deplete your cortisol, and that’s dangerous, then you are vulnerable to not being able to respond by being able to compensate. Because our body’s always imbalanced trying to help us stay well. And to avoid, for instance, inflammation is a big one. So if you have high stress, that sugar too high, can cause damage to tissues. That’s why people with diabetes, you know, who are constant stress, they have high cortisol release, they have high sugars, and it causes damage, inflammation. So controlling stress is a fine balance, because we need to respond to our environment to save us from danger or harm. But if you’re under that too long, it’s not it depletes you and then you don’t have the tools and the equipment or the whatever to fight and protect you. So the reason all these things we’re talking about them and Omnia is really trying to stabilize those things that keep us from free radicals, from oxidation, from inflammation.

Erna Wong, MD 20:00

So it’s very complex, if you think about it, system, and it’s amazing that our body is able to do that. But that’s why people are being taught to slow down, to meditate, to calm down, to not get over worried, over excited. Things that increase our stress level. You know, it’s very important for us to allow our body to be as much in balance, it’s, I would share with you, It’s like a rubber band, what happens if it just laying there limp, it does nothing. If you right over pull and stretch it, it can stack, that’s too much stress. But if you put just the right amount of tension, it can work and do something like you know, you shoot the rubber band.

Janet Walker 20:52

Another great analogy. Yeah, make sense.

Erna Wong

It’s very important that we quote unquote manage our stress. You don’t want to be that rubber band that’s overstretched and then snaps. That’s literally what happens when we’re stressed too much we will snap because we’ve been under too much strain under too much pressure with the stress that we experienced.

Janet Walker

Alright, well now let’s get back to talking a little bit more about Omnia. So what are some of the overall benefits of taking Omnia?

Erna Wong, MD 21:30

Well, you have the critical of taking care of your skin. Not only because you feel great when your skin looks and feels healthy, but it is the very important barrier. It’s the biggest in the sense organ for our immune system to protect us.

Erna Wong, MD 21:45

You think about when you cut yourself and then introduce bacteria, you can die from that. People don’t respect their skin, they need to get better their skin from skin damage, or dehydrating or putting things on it that absorbs through it. I mean, people are aware now antiperspirants, even sunblock is got consequences. They’re really looking at sunscreen, sunblock is actually causing us more harm. Because the other ingredients that might be in it. And then the false sense of security that people have, like if I put sunscreen on, I can be out there No. We apply it, and the penetration by the UV rays will still be there and cause skin damage. So the education piece is really critical. You and I know that that’s why we’re doing this, right, without knowledge, people suffer and die. Knowledge is powerful, it gives you the key to accomplish many things. So if you boil down to it, mud in our life is critical. It’s learning and learning and never stopping to learn more about how to take care of our health, how to keep our nutrients and ingredients that we need to nourish our body. And again, going back, especially the skin is the largest organ for protecting us.

Janet Walker 23:14

Gosh, I remember when I was in high school and college, we just wanted tan skin we would put baby oil on our skin and get as much of that UV as possible. And I know that a lot of people are suffering the consequences of doing that in their younger, younger years. So you’re right, education is so important.

Janet Walker

One of the benefits of taking Omnia is that it is that a defense and repair skin from photo damage and UV exposure. What is photo damage?

Erna Wong, MD

Well, new damage would be again the sun has heat. If you think about it, you actually can cook something under the sun, right? You can magnify the energy. So photo damage can cause heat changes to your skin ingredients. And the worst is if you have damage to your DNA, again, anything that’s going to disrupt your DNA, your blueprint, then you can get skin cancer, think about all the things that photo damage by causing the cells to degrade or to decompose. And then you know, if you have a burn, it’s critical. The water loss because your skin keeps the water content in your body and control. You become dehydrated very rapidly. If you have how many degrees of burn that removes the protective layer. They have to put you on IV hydration to keep the amount of water loss that your skin had kept you from losing. So photo damage is not only from the thermal, you know how you feel in your skin, you feel like you’re cooking,

Erna Wong, MD 25:02

your skin starts to feel so hot, you touch your skin, it’s literally hot from the thermal. But there’s also wavelengths of the sun, that can also cause, you know, disruption in the DNA. And therefore, there’s a fine balance of how much sunlight we should get to give us things that keep us from depression, for instance, or give us Vitamin D. It’s a two edged sword. I think what it is all things in moderation, like we’ve talked about before about stress. If you don’t have, quote, unquote, any stress at all, you’re really not doing anything, you’re just sitting there like lifeless rubber band.

Janet Walker 25:40

I can understand how creams and lotions can put moisture in the skin. But one of the benefits of Omnia is also to put moisture in the skin. So how does something that you’re taking internally put moisture into the skin and elasticity into the skin?

Erna Wong, MD

Well, it goes back to whether the ingredients we talked about, the spirulina that helps for, you know, finding the oxidation, we talked about the growth factor with the embryo. So it’s going to keep your DNA healthy. So all these things are important, because your cell function, cell integrity is a fine complex process to keep the moisture and all the cells healthy. So you take something internally, these are the building blocks you need, we talked about that. So if you don’t have the building blocks that’s in Omnia, you won’t have what it is to even just build a healthy cell. But then also, the healthy cell has the DNA and other components that need to function properly. So the building blocks, and then the building blocks are allowing you to make other products because the building blocks to protect your DNA, then your DNA is making proteins and other elastin and so on – materials that are needed for your skin to stay healthy, wrinkle free, etc.

Janet Walker

So it’s actually less about adding moisture to the skin as it is about preserving the moisture that’s already there.

Erna Wong, MD 27:33

Because really in truth, you can have all the moisture going through the bloodstream and water, but your water is evaporating through your skin because your skin is not complete or whole, then what’s a good of water that you are drinking, going through your bloodstream, but the skin cells are not able to keep you from dehydrating evaporating or losing the water content.

Janet Walker

As far as the recommended dosage goes… And let me say, I know that our listeners can’t see you. But you have beautiful skin and very thick, lovely hair. So you must be doing something right to take care of your skin and your hair. I won’t I won’t say what your age is. But I know you have a lot of experience.

Janet Walker 28:21

And your skin is really lovely. I mean, I don’t see any wrinkles at all.

Erna Wong, MD

Think about it. If your skin is intact, you know that but you don’t lie. So that’s how I don’t have wrinkles. I have gone from a shriveled raisin to a plumped up grape.

Erna Wong, MD 28:40

You can reverse aging, because what you’re doing is you’re hydrating your cells than they’re happy. So being respectful to take care of our skin. And the products or the nutrients you take that you have in your Omnia is a testimony that you take on it, you will have healthy, younger wrinkle free skin. Don’t forget your skin does incorporate your hair. They are originating from hair follicles in your skin. So Omnia does also give you healthy hair.

Janet Walker

So we want to remind our listeners that these nutritional supplements are important but also staying hydrated, drinking a lot of water and making sure that you’re not becoming dehydrated is also very, very important to healthy skin, health hair.

Erna Wong, MD

We may also talk about it, the kind of water you drink is important. There is quote unquote dead water and that there is live water. You know, the pH of other things are so important.

Janet Walker

But what about what comes out of your tap?

Erna Wong, MD 30:00

You gotta be careful. There’s a lot of contaminants and I want to share, I’m learning more the frequency that the water takes on as it’s traveling through the pipes as it coming from where its origins is are critical, you could actually have water that has negative frequencies, and dangerous things that can make you sicker, not better. So you paying attention to the quality of the water. It’s not only quantity, its quality.

Janet Walker

Well, I’m gonna, leave that as a teaser for another episode because I know that you’ve done a lot of research with water and frequencies. And it’s such a fascinating topic and really an important topic and I know that we’re going to want to spend a full episode on that so that’s gonna be a little teaser for another episode.

Janet Walker 30:40

So lastly, about Omnia, I wanted to ask what is the recommended dosage and when should people take it, I know it has vitamin B in it. If they take it at night, will that give them too much energy to sleep, what’s the right way and the right amount of Omnia to take?

Erna Wong, MD

So two capsules a day, preferably with a meal, and in early in the day is the recommendation for it. Because you take it with a meal, you think about when you eat, you know, your fruits, vegetables that have, hopefully the vitamins and minerals we need. That makes sense. So Omnia is a nutrient supplement. To tell you the truth, our foods that we are obtaining has the nutrients and supplements we automatically would need. But that’s not happening because our soil, and our plants are not growing and providing the nutrients we need. So this is where we need the supplements at this time. If it were possible, that we automatically got it from our usual day to day sources, then we would. But someday I’ll share with you the mnemonic for good health is DRESS, we could go over that sometime.

Janet Walker

Okay, so you can’t leave us just hanging. What does DRESS stand for?


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Erna Wong, MD

D stands for your diet, we talked about nutrition, what you eat is incorporating the building blocks. R is reducing stress. E is for exercise, you don’t use it, you lose it. And I can share so many examples in a good one, you cast your arm, you’re not using your arm, your arms atrophy, the muscles, right? S is sleep, because that’s when our body rejuvenates. You need rest just like you rest a farm. After certain year, seventh year, they rest the field to regain all the nutrients and we likewise we need rest to rejuvenate, recuperate and process things that we’d had during the daytime. And then the last S is for supplement. That’s what I shared. We do not get all the nutrients we once had. When, let’s say you think about man first man was on the earth, Adam and Eve say they had nutrients from the fruits and vegetables and waters and ocean and all that was there. But our soil, our water, is not the same as back then. We have too many contaminants, pollutants etc. So we need supplements. And this is where your Omnia and LifePharm’s other products and many others are trying to help us because it’s giving that which is lacking. So that’s DRESS. A way for you to wake up in the morning and say, How am I going to dress? So I’m not walking around like the Emperor without clothes.

Janet Walker 33:41

You’re a medical advisory board member for LifePharm. So you really have done a lot of research on their products, and really believe in the integrity of their products.

Erna Wong, MD

It’s very important that you know, when you want to share with people to study and wonder about it, but also to understand all the research and all the effort especially for that embryo growth factor that’s really very essential. I think that’s why it’s in every one of their products, because they really have done the research and, and other people have recognized it to you know, everyone’s boiling down to understanding that you need growth factor, and the growth factor that was extensively researched and patented.

Janet Walker 34:29

Well, Dr. Wong, thank you so much for being with us today and telling us all about Omnia and I would love to have you back to talk about not only other LifePharm products, but other research you’re doing other things that you’re working with. You’re just a wealth of knowledge and really have an understanding of the things that we need to do to stay healthy, to repair ourselves and to stay youthful. So thank you again so much for being here.

Erna Wong, MD 35:00

Well, it’s my pleasure. And I hope that we all continue to learn and expand our knowledge to take better care of our own health. That’s what’s great that you can access information and then be able to search out yourself. What really is true or not. And I know you’ll know in your heart this resonates with me that this is what I need for me.

Janet Walker 35:24

A listener note, Omni has manufactured in a facility that upholds Current Good Manufacturing Practices and his US Food and Drug Administration compliant, it is safe to consume for adults and children over 12 years. While there are no documented cases or instances of adverse reactions. Please don’t take Omnia if you’re allergic to eggs, fish or soy.

Janet Walker 35:45

Learn more about OMNIA. Thank you so much listeners for joining me for healthy cells healthy you. I’m your host, Janet Walker, and thanks to the good people of life farm who care about providing the highest quality supplements for health and cellular repair. You can find us on Apple podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast, subscribe and tell your friends together we’ll build healthy cells and a healthy you.

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